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Oricorio (Pokémon)

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Oricorio may be inspired by {{wp|Hawaiian honeycreeper}}s, small passerine birds native to Hawaii. Hawaiian honeycreepers feed on the nectar of various plants, but each species favors a specific flower that its beak is adapted to. Oricorio's dancing may also derive from the {{wp|Courtship display|mating dances}} of some birds.
Its dancing styles are inspired by different forms of dance. The Baile Style refers to {{wp|flamenco}}, the Pom-Pom Style refers to {{wp|cheerleading}}, the Pa'u Style refers to {{wp|hula}} (pāʻū being a Hawaiian word for skirt, especially ones that may be used in hula), and the Sensu Style refers to {{wp|Buyō|Japanese dance}} (扇子 ''sensu'' being the Japanese word for a folding fan as may be used in such dances).
Oricorio may also be inspired by Darwin Finches in the way they change and adapt to each island when they eat the nectar of the flowers on their respective island.
====Name origin====