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Charizard reappeared in a flashback in ''[[SM042|Alola, Kanto!]]''.
====Personality and characteristics====
{{bulbanews|Personality & Development: Ash's Charizard}}
The emotional turmoil of being abandoned by Damian defined Charizard when it was a Charmander. Despite the scorn it received from Damian, it remained loyal to him, convinced that it had a good relationship where in fact none existed. Even when made to sit through a rain storm in hunger and fatigue and Ash and Brock showing true kindness towards it, its loyalty never wavered and Charmander almost lost its life doing so. Only a violent confrontation revealed to it the unhealthy nature of and its relationship with Damian. Charmander struggled with this abandonment, as seen in ''[[EP017|Island of the Giant Pokémon]]'', it became discouraged when {{AP|Bulbasaur}} suggested that Ash had abandoned them all.
During its training on the Charicific Valley, Charizard has been shown to have significantly matured while retaining its fiery nature and fierce battling spirit. This was shown in ''[[BW136|A Pokémon of a Different Color]]'', where it attempted to act as a peacemaker between Clair's and Iris's Dragonite, despite failing.
====Moves used====
=====Main series=====
{{anmov/h|fire|flying|Ash {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 9}}|0=Charmander Leer|1=Charmander Rage|2=Charmander Skull Bash|3=Charizard Ember|4=Charizard Fire Spin|5=Charizard Dragon Rage|6=Charizard Overheat|7=Charmander Rage hit|8=Charmeleon Flamethrower}}.png|Using {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 9}}|0=Leer<br/>as a Charmander|1=Rage as<br/> a Charmander (Part 1)|2=Skull Bash<br/>as a Charmander|3=Ember|4=Fire Spin|5=Dragon Rage|6=Overheat|7=Rage as<br/> a Charmander (Part 2)|8=Flamethrower as<br/> a Charmeleon}}|image2=Ash Charizard {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 9}}|0=Wing Attack|1=DragonBreath|2=Seismic Toss|3=Flamethrower|4=Steel Wing|5=Take Down|6=Submission|7=Slash|8=Dragon Tail}}.png|caption2=Using {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 9}}|0=Wing Attack|1=Dragon Breath|2=Seismic Toss|3=Flamethrower|4=Steel Wing|5=Take Down|6=Submission|7=Slash|8=Dragon Tail}}}}
===In ''I Choose You!''===
[[File:Ash Charizard M20.png|thumb|250px|Ash's Charizard in ''I Choose You!'']]
[[File:Ash Charmander M20.png|thumb|250px|left|As a Charmander]]
Finally reaching the Raizen Mountains, Ash tried to place his [[Rainbow Wing]] atop Rainbow Rock. He was stopped by Cross however, who wanted to take the Rainbow Wing for himself. Ash battled Cross again, once again using his Charmeleon against Cross and his Incineroar. In the midst of a fierce battle, Charmeleon evolved into Charizard, and this time, it managed to defeat it. Distraught of losing against his former Pokémon, Cross started to realize the error in his ways.
====Moves used====
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{{anmov|fire|Flamethrower|M20|I Choose You!}}