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In ''[[XY139|Facing the Needs of the Many!]]'', Greninja detected the presence of one of the Giant Rock's remaining roots. After transforming into Ash-Greninja, it was able to see the root's underground source and used {{m|Water Shuriken}} on it, causing the root to wither away. After [[Xerosic]] revealed his plans to create Neo-[[Team Flare]] and kidnapped {{an|Clemont}}, Ash sent Greninja to follow him. It helped Ash and his friends defeat Xerosic in battle, leading to Xerosic's arrest. However, parts of the Giant Rock still remained. After [[Squishy]] appeared and saved {{an|Bonnie}} from another root, it led Greninja and the group to [[Z2]], who requested Greninja to help it and Squishy detect and destroy all of the Giant Rock's remnants. Greninja accepted Z2's request and bid farewell to Ash and his friends. In [[XY140|the following episode]], Greninja was seen destroying a root, with Squishy and Z2 watching nearby.
===Personality and characteristics===
As a Froakie, it was a stubborn, picky Pokémon, displayed by the fact that it had several other Trainers that it refused to listen to, either forcing them to return it to Professor Sycamore or abandoning them and returning to the lab itself. It is also extremely similar to Ash personality wise, as it is not afraid to leap into danger regardless of its own safety and doesn't back down from a fight. It is clear that it recognizes these traits in Ash, hence why it was finally willing to accept being taken into Ash's wing. It also has a sense of honor, as demonstrated when it attacked {{AP|Fletchling}} just because it made {{an|Bonnie}} cry. In ''[[XY011|The Bamboozling Forest!]]'', it is shown to have a good judgment of character, as it became suspicious of Meowth when he pretended to side with it, {{AP|Pikachu}}, and {{TP|Clemont|Chespin}} under a temporary truce. Froakie is prone to blushing when praised, as shown when being thanked by Bonnie in ''[[XY003|A Battle of Aerial Mobility!]]'' and {{TP|Serena|Fennekin}} in ''[[XY011|The Bamboozling Forest!]]''. As shown in ''[[XY013|Kindergarten Chaos!]]'', Greninja as a Froakie gets embarrassed when losing in a bad way, such as when it lost because of Attract.
Greninja's close bond with Ash was also one of his greatest insecurities, as their repeated failure to master the Ash-Greninja form started to weigh heavily on trainer and Pokémon alike. When Ash left Greninja in the Pokémon center after the loss to Wulfric, out of a sense of guilt for Greninja's injuries, a saddened Greninja gave chase as soon as he recovered. It was revealed Greninja also felt responsible for their loss. After fully synchronizing their feelings to save a Spewpa, however, Ash explained to Greninja why he wanted to become a Pokémon Trainer, and that he saw his Pokémon as his closest friends. After that, Greninja and Ash came to fully understand each other.
Shortly after evolving into Greninja, through its strong bond with Ash, he can call upon a transformation similar to [[Mega Evolution]], where it takes on an appearance resembling its Trainer while being covered in a water veil. In its final form, the water veil moves from around its body to its back and forms an "X" shape, which resemble wings, then the wings form into a small sphere shape of water on the middle of its back with a light blue ring in the middle of it and it then grows in size until it forms into a giant shuriken made of water. Its full capabilities were unknown, but it appears to give a significant boost in speed and power. In its completed form, it can rival the power of Mega Evolved Pokémon. This form comes with a side-effect: whenever Greninja takes damage, the pain is shared with Ash in the same location where Greninja was hurt. Ash is also shown to be able to see from Greninja's point of view and will occasionally mimic Greninja's movements. Ash describes it as feeling like he "became" Greninja. It is revealed by Clemont's device that Ash and Greninja share exactly the same heartbeat while Greninja is in the form and that the form can be accessed when Ash and Greninja's feelings synchronize. If the form is pushed too hard, it is possible for Ash to pass out from the resulting exhaustion and pain. The term '''Ash-Greninja''' (Japanese: '''サトシゲッコウガ''' ''Satoshi-Gekkouga'') was officially coined by Bonnie in ''[[XY120|All Hail the Ice Battlefield!]]''. During the [[XY121|next episode]], Ash and Greninja made amends and were able to trigger the transformation at will. [[XY122|By the time of their rematch against Wulfric]], Ash and Greninja were able to use the form without passing out, and although they still shared each other's pain, it seemed to be more manageable for Ash to handle. [[XY129|During the Lumiose Conference]], it is soon revealed by Professor Sycamore that the transformation Greninja had been going through is known as [[Bond Phenomenon]].