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James's Weezing

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'''James's Weezing''' (Japanese: '''コジロウのマタドガス''' ''Kojirō's Matadogas'') was the first {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} [[James]] was known to have, and his third overall. He received it as a [[Christmas]] gift (a {{jwp|歳暮|year-end gift}} in the original Japanese version).
==HistoryIn the anime==
===[[Original series]]History===
====Kanto[[Original series]]====
[[File:James Koffing.png|left|thumb|200px|As a {{p|Koffing}}]]
It was mentioned in ''[[EP017|Island of the Giant Pokémon]]'' that James received Koffing, who had already been captured at this point, as a gift last Christmas ({{jwp|歳暮|oseibo}} in the original Japanese version), before he met {{Ash}}. It is unknown who gave it to him.
In ''[[EP066|The Evolution Solution]]'', James used Weezing to capture a {{DL|List of Pokémon temporarily owned by the Team Rocket trio|Shellder}} he dug up. Weezing was easily able to defeat it with its Haze attack after dodging its {{m|Ice Beam}}. Just as James was about to catch it, Jessie jumped in and got it herself.
Throughout the [[Johto]] region, James tended to use {{TP|James|Victreebel}} more for combat than Weezing. During this time, Weezing was mainly used to create smoke to cover escapes and entrances.
===={{series|Advanced Generation}}====
[[File:Jessie Arbok James Weezing.png|thumb|left|200px|Weezing fighting alongside Arbok]]
In ''[[AG002|A Ruin With A View]]'', James sent out Weezing alongside Arbok to battle {{tc|Team Magma Grunt}}s who approached them. Not long after being sent out, [[Team Magma]]'s {{p|Houndoom}} used {{m|Roar}} to send Weezing and Arbok back into their Poké Balls.
===Personality and characteristics===
Weezing was shown to be extremely loyal to James, caring about him a great deal and only taking orders from him. In ''[[EP017|Island of the Giant Pokémon]]'', as a Koffing, it refused to attack Ash's Pokémon on {{MTR}}'s orders, simply because he was not James. Both Koffing and Ekans were very sad about being separated from their Trainers, and were happily crying upon being reunited with them. Also, in that episode, when Meowth orders Koffing and Ekans to attack Ash's Pokémon, they refuse, and they revealed that "Pokémon not bad guys! Pokémon do bad things because masters bad!" This shows that while Weezing and Arbok have strong bonds with their trainers, they never see themselves or any other Pokémon as bad guys; they only carry out evil deeds out of obedience to their Trainers. In ''[[EP031|Dig Those Diglett!]]'', Koffing's evolution into Weezing was triggered simply by James's emotional tears. The only time Weezing refused to obey its Trainer was in ''[[EP047|A Chansey Operation]]'', where it refused to attack a {{p|Chansey}} because of how it cared for it during its operation from an injury that was caused from Team Rocket's scheme of stealing a group of Pokémon from a Pokémon Center going wrong. This also shows that Weezing will show a great deal of gratitude to anyone who helps it from any form of circumstance. As seen in ''[[EP033|The Flame Pokémon-athon!]]'', even though Weezing will only obey James, its loyalty does extend to the team as a whole, and it will readily protect anyone it considers an ally. It demonstrated this by stepping in when Arbok was surprised by {{p|Ponyta}}'s flames and retaliating with {{m|Smog}}, even though this proved to be a bad idea when the flames ignited the Smog.
Weezing could be seen as extremely powerful in the [[M01|first movie]], as [[Nurse Joy]] and {{OBP|Miranda|M01}} said more than once that only the stronger Pokémon with the most exceptional Trainers could face the storm. Yet, it was Weezing who brought Team Rocket to [[New Island]].
===Moves used===
{{anmov/h|poison||James {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 10}}|0=Weezing SmokeScreen|1=Weezing Sludge|2=Weezing Poison Gas|3=Weezing Smog|4=Victreebel Weezing Jessie Lickitung Tackle|5=Koffing Smokescreen|6=Koffing Sludge|7=Koffing Poison Gas|8=Koffing Smog|9=Koffing Tackle}}.png|Using {{#switch: {{#expr: {{#time: U}} mod 10}}|0=Smokescreen|1=Sludge|2=Poison Gas|3=Smog|4=Tackle|5=Smokescreen as a Koffing|6=Sludge as a Koffing|7=Poison Gas as a Koffing|8=Smog as a Koffing|9=Tackle as a Koffing}}}}
{{anmov|poison|Smog|EP002|Pokémon Emergency!}}