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Detective Pikachu (movie)

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* The rights to distribute the film outside Japan were initially won by {{wp|Universal Studios|Universal Pictures}}, but were eventually taken over by {{wp|Warner Bros. Pictures|Warner Bros.}}, a distributor of previous Pokémon films.
* This is one of two Pokémon-related movies to be released in 2019, with the other being the [[M22|twenty-second anime movie]]. Coincidentally, both movies prominently feature a Mewtwo and heavily use CGI.
* This is the first piece of English-language Pokémon media in which profanity is used. The movie contains several instances of the words "hell" and "damn".
* The Jigglypuff shown in the coffee place wielding a microphone/marker is a reference to the {{an|Jigglypuff}} in the [[Pokémon anime]].
* The Greninja uses water swords just like [[Greninja (Super Smash Bros.)|the one in Super Smash Bros.]] does.<!--