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Tournament (Duel)

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'''Tournaments''' (Japanese: '''トーナメント''' ''Tournament'') are a type of competition in [[Pokémon Duel]]. During the preliminary round of the tournament, players can play up to 50 duels in a limited amount of time. Like other modes, players are assigned a score for tournaments which increases and decreases with their wins and losses respectively. At the end of the preliminary round, a players ranking is decided by the highest score they achieved. The top 32 players then advance to the tournament finals where matches are facilitated by the developers in a {{wp|single-elimination tournament}} to decide the final rankings.
==Golden and silverSilver Figures==
Tournament winners are able to select a currently existing, non-{{shiny}} figure to receive Golden and Silver versions. Approximately one month after the tournament, they are given the Golden Figure and the Silver Figure is later made available through [[Time Booster]]s. Both figures can also be released at the same time. The following is a list of such figures.
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