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A (Japanese: ''' ''' ''Carnival'') is an event where players compete in [[Carmonte Island|Quests]] against computer opponents. Starting at rank F, players increase their rank by defeating opponents and gaining points. Higher ranked opponents, each worth an increasing number of points, appear as the player climbs the ranks themselves. Like normal quests, each duel requires the player to spend energy to play, with opponents of higher rank requiring more. During certain hours of the event period, there is the possibility of the event's host appearing in the opponents list. These challengers can be dueled for the same energy as other opponents of the player's current rank but give twice as many points if they are defeated. Carnivals take place on cruise ships that dock to the left of the {{OBP|Training Center|Duel}} such as the '''S.S. Carmonte Carnival''' (Japanese: ''' カーニバル・カルモンテ号''' ''Carnival Carmonte'') and the (Japanese: ''' ''' ''S.S. Burning Roger''). Every Carnival since the game's international release has been a [[Queen's Cup]].
===Queen's Cup===