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[[File:Carmonte Island.png|thumb|Carmonte Island]]
Aiming to become the Hotel King, the player arrives on [[Carmonte Island]], an artificial island housing a city of resorts. The island hosts the Pokémon Figure Games (PFG) World Tournament, where its top prize is the symbol of Carmonte Island, [[Jewel Tower]]. The tournament is hosted by the tower's current owner, [[Master Rosé]].
After befriending a popular idol named [[Sharon]], the player is stalked by members of the Roger family, an influential organization on Carmonte Island.
===CharactersPFG World Tournament===
{| style="margin:auto; text-align:center; background:#{{blue color light}}; {{roundy}}; border: 4px solid #{{moon color}}" colspan="4" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="2"
! style="background:#{{blue color light}}" colspan="4" | {{color|FFF|PFG World Tournament}}
! style="background:#{{blue color light}}; {{roundytl|5px}}" | {{color|FFF|Hotel Owner<br><small>Japanese</small>}}
! style="background:#{{blue color light}}" | {{color|FFF|Hotel<br><small>Japanese</small>}}
! style="background:#{{blue color light}}; {{roundytr|5px}}" | {{color|FFF|Emblem}}
|- style="background:#{{normal color light}}"
| [[File:Duel VSYuji.png|100px]]<br>{{color2|{{normal color dark}}|Yuji (Duel)|Yuji}}<br><small>{{color|{{normal color dark}}|<br>}}</small>
| {{color2|{{normal color dark}}|Ulex}}<br><small>{{color|{{normal color dark}}|ウレックス<br>Ulex}}</small>
| [[File:Ulex Emblem.png‎|50px]]
|- style="background:#{{psychic color light}}"
| [[File:Duel VSNadya.png|100px]]<br>{{color2|{{psychic color dark}}|Nadya}}<br><small>{{color|{{psychic color dark}}|<br>}}</small>
| {{color2|{{psychic color dark}}|Château de Rosa}}<br><small>{{color|{{psychic color dark}}|シャトー・ド・ローザ<br>Château de Rosa}}</small>
| [[File:Chateau de Rosa Emblem.png‎|50px]]
|- style="background:#{{water color light}}"
| [[File:Duel VSJoe.png|100px]]<br>{{color2|{{water color dark}}|Joe (Duel)|Joe}}<br><small>{{color|{{water color dark}}|<br>}}</small>
| {{color2|{{water color dark}}|Atlantis}}<br><small>{{color|{{water color dark}}|アトランティス<br>Atlantis}}</small>
| [[File:Atlantis Emblem.png‎|50px]]
|- style="background:#{{dark color light}}"
| [[File:Duel VSBrenda.png|100px]]<br>{{color2|{{dark color dark}}|Brenda}}<br><small>{{color|{{dark color dark}}|<br>}}</small>
| {{color2|{{dark color dark}}|Olivia Palace}}<br><small>{{color|{{dark color dark}}|パレス・オリヴィア<br>Palace Olivia}}</small>
| [[File:Olivia Palace Emblem.png‎|50px]]
|- style="background:#{{fire color light}}"
| [[File:Duel VSDon Roger.png|100px]]<br>{{color2|{{fire color dark}}|Don Roger}}<br><small>{{color|{{fire color dark}}|<br>}}</small>
| {{color2|{{fire color dark}}|The Volcano}}<br><small>{{color|{{fire color dark}}|ボルケイノ<br>Volcano}}</small>
| [[File:The Volcano Emblem.png‎|50px]]
|- style="background:#{{steel color light}}"
| [[File:Duel VSNumber 7.png|100px]]<br>{{color2|{{steel color dark}}|Number 7}}<br><small>{{color|{{steel color dark}}|<br>}}</small>
| {{color2|{{steel color dark}}|Elysium}}<br><small>{{color|{{steel color dark}}|イリジウム<br>Iridium}}</small>
| [[File:Elysium Emblem.png‎|50px]]
|- style="background:#{{ruby color light}}"
| [[File:None.png|100px|link=]]<br>{{color|{{ruby color dark}}|Unknown}}
| {{color|{{ruby color dark}}|Labyrinth}}
| [[File:Labyrinth Emblem.png‎|50px]]
|- style="background:#{{night color light}}"
| [[File:None.png|100px|link=]]<br>{{color|{{night color dark}}|Unknown}}
| {{color|{{night color dark}}|La Galleria Luna}}
| [[File:La Galleria Luna Emblem.png‎|50px]]
|- style="background:#{{sapphire color light}}"
| [[File:None.png|100px|link=]]<br>{{color|{{sapphire color dark}}|Unknown}}
| {{color|{{sapphire color dark}}|Blue Planet}}
| [[File:Blue Planet Emblem.png‎|50px]]
|- style="background:#{{diamond color light}}"
| [[File:Duel VSMaster Rosé.png|100px]]<br>{{color2|{{diamond color dark}}|Master Rosé}}<br><small>{{color|{{diamond color dark}}|<br>}}</small>
| {{color|{{diamond color dark}}|Jewel Tower}}<br><small>{{color|{{diamond color dark}}|<br>}}</small>
| [[File:Jewel Tower Emblem.png‎|50px]]
|}<br clear="all">
===Other Characters===
* [[Luca]]
* [[Sharon]]
* [[Carlo]], the player's {{OBP|YujiAI|Duel}}, the boss of [[Ulex]]
* [[Nadya]], the boss of [[Château de Rosa]]
* {{OBP|Joe|Duel}}, the boss of [[Atlantis]] and a member of the Roger family
* [[Brenda]], the boss of [[Olivia Palace]] and a member of the Roger family
* [[Don Roger]], the boss of [[The Volcano]]
* [[Number 7]], the boss of [[Elysium]]
* [[Master Rosé]], current owner of the [[Jewel Tower]]
* [[Carlo]], the player's AI
* [[Another]], Luca's AI
* [[Tia]], Luca's sister
* [[Marabelle]], Tia's manager
[[File:Carmonte Island.png|thumb|Carmonte Island]]
* {{OBP|Training Center|Duel}}
* [[Ulex]]
* [[Château de Rosa]]
* [[Atlantis]]
* [[Olivia Palace]]
* [[The Volcano]]
* [[Elysium]]