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'''Monthly Points''' (Japanese: '''マンスリーポイント''' ''Monthly Point'') are a mechanic in [[Pokémon Duel]]. They were added in version 7.0.0. By collecting them, players are able to climb a ladder of Points to obtain figures and other rewards. By purchasing a Player Pass, players gain access to a second ladder with different rewards. Monthly points can be earned by playing League Matches or distributed as rewards. Without Boosts, players gain 20 Points for winning a League Match and 4 Points for losing one. By purchasing a 3-Hour Enhancement Boost, players can gain 10 Points for a loss while it is active. While a 3-Day Duel Boost is active, players gain double the Monthly Points for both wins and losses. Purchasing Boosts also grants a number of bonus Monthly Points. In addition to the notable rewards listed below, both ladders contain various enhancement{{OBP|Enhancement|Duel}} figures as well as unlocked [[Time Booster]]s.
==Monthly Point Rewards==