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After capturing the [[Red Gyarados]], {{cleanupTR|sectionTyson}} and his cohorts travel back to [[Mahogany Town]] to continue their studies on the Red Gyarados, so they can perfect their [[Evolution]] Inducement Ray. [[Lance]], disguised as a {{tc|width=50%Team Rocket Grunt}}, stops following the others and makes a call to [[Officer Jenny]] in Mahogany Town to inform her of Team Rocket's hideout. After the call ends, Lance heads back to the [[Lake of Rage]].
After capturing the [[Red Gyarados]], {{TR|Tyson}} and his cohorts travel back to [[Mahogany Town]] to continue their studies on the {{p|Gyarados}}, so they can perfect their Evolution Inducement Ray. [[Lance]], disguised as a [[Team Rocket]] member, stops following the others and makes a call to [[Officer Jenny]] in Mahogany Town to inform her of Team Rocket's hideout. After the call ends, Lance heads back to the [[Lake of Rage]].
After being captured by Tyson, {{Ash}} yells to be let out of the cell, and [[Jessie]] and [[James]] say that they're in charge of guarding the door. Finally, {{AP|Pikachu}} and {{TP|Misty|Togepi}} wake up, but when Ash asks if Pikachu could break down the cell with a {{m|Thunder Shock}}, Ash finds that he's still too weak to do any damage. With Pikachu now awake, Jessie and James say that they are now going to take him to the {{an|Giovanni|boss}}. Ash, {{an|Misty}}, and {{an|Brock}} hold their ground, but Jessie sends out {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}} with a {{m|Poison Sting}} to break them up. Jessie tries to unlock Pikachu's restraint, but the remote accidentally unlocks all of their restraints, allowing Ash to send out {{AP|Cyndaquil}} with a {{m|Smokescreen}}. After the smoke clears, Jessie, James, Arbok, and {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} find that they have been put into the restraints. They struggle free, and {{MTR}} recovers in time to join in the pursuit of the [[twerps]]. Arbok uses a Poison Sting to stop the group. Jessie then orders Arbok to {{m|Wrap}} them, but Arbok is blown away by [[Lance's Dragonite]]'s {{m|Thunder Wave}}. Arbok tries to use {{m|Acid}}, but Dragonite's {{m|Twister}} sends the Team Rocket trio blasting off.
NowLance feelingis better,glad {{MTR}}to joinssee JessieAsh and Jameshis onfriends theagain. chaseWhile forthey thedefied [[twerps]].his Arbokorders, usesLance aadmits Poisonthat Stinghe toshares stoptheir themconcerns andfor thenthe JessieRed ordersGyarados. ArbokHe totells {{m|wrap}}the them,group butthat Arbokthe isEvolution blownInducement awayRay byhas [[Lance'sto be destroyed, and Dragonite]]'s {{m|ThunderHyper WaveBeam}}. Arbokdoes triesthe totrick. useImmediately {{m|Acid}}afterward, butLance Dragonite'sand {{m|Twister}}the others get in the car and sendsdrive themtowards blastingMahogany offTown.
LanceTeam tellsRocket have arrived at their meeting point, and two helicopters soon take off. [[Professor Sebastian]] leaves in the kidssecond escort flight, leaving Tyson in charge. Tyson suddenly receives a call from Jessie and James telling him that the machine had been destroyed. Jessie and James order a 50-man backup, but Tyson hangs up on them. While transporting the Gyarados via helicopter, the effects of the Evolution Inducement Ray haswears tooff beon destroyedthe Gyarados, socausing heit hitsto itthrash witharound. DragoniteTyson orders his pilot to control the helicopter. However the Red Gyarados's struggle eventually causes the two Rocket helicopters to crash into the river below. Gyarados emerges free of its net and goes into a rampage. The Gyarados swims away, and while driving beside the water, Ash spots it. Ash gets out to possibly calm the Gyarados, but Gyarados shoots a {{m|HyperHydro BeamPump}} at him. ImmediatelyLance afterwardstops the vehicle, and he rushes over to Ash’s side to confront the Gyarados himself. Tyson soon pulls up. He orders his men ahead while he challenges Lance to a {{pkmn|battle}}. Ash, Misty, and Brock run after the othersGyarados, getleaving inLance to confront Tyson. Lance's Dragonite soon defeats Tyson's two {{p|Fearow}} with a Twister attack. The police arrive on the carscene and driveOfficer toJenny places Tyson under arrest for violating Mahoganyconservation Townlaws.
TysonMeanwhile, receivesTeam aRocket callagain fromcaptures JessieGyarados andwith Jamesa tellingnet himand thatshocks theit machineinto had been destroyedsubmission. JessieThey andpull Jamesit orderout aof 50-manthe backupriver, but TysonAsh hangshas up{{AP|Bayleef}} onuse them.{{m|Razor WhileLeaf}} transportingto the Gyarados via helicopter,cut the Evolutionnet. InducementA Raygrunt wearstries offto oncatch the Gyarados,kids causingwith ita tonet, thrashbut aroundGyarados's andHyper makingBeam blows the helicoptersgrunts crash into the wateraway. The Gyarados swimssoon away,collapses andfrom whileits driving beside the water, Ash spots itinjuries. Ash getsurges outGyarados to possiblygo calmback to the Gyaradosriver, but GyaradosJessie shootsand aJames {{m|Hydroshow Pump}}up atin him.the Lance[[Team ordersRocket's Dragonitemechas|Meowth toballoon]] calmand thecatch Gyarados, butwith Tysonanother pullsnet. upAsh jumps and ordersgrabs hisonto menthe net to followsave the Gyarados, whilebut heMeowth staystries Ash,shake Misty,him andoff Brockunsuccessfully. runGyarados afterthrashes again and breaks the Gyaradosnet despitefree Lance'sfrom ordersthe balloon. TysonGyarados challengescontinues Lancedown to athe battleriver, but LanceTeam easilyRocket defeatssay Tyson'sthey twowill {{p|Fearow}}catch withPikachu his Dragoniteanyway. OfficerHowever, JennyPikachu comeseasily defeats Arbok and arrestssends TysonTeam forRocket violatingblasting conservationoff lawswith a {{m|Thunderbolt}}.
OnceThe again,group Teamrushes Rocketonto capturesa Gyaradosbridge withas aGyarados netcontinues andits shocksrampage ittowards intoMahogany submissionTown. TheyAsh pulltries itto out oftalk the river,Gyarados butinto Ashbecoming sendscalm, outbut {{AP|Bayleef}} with a {{m|Razor Leaf}} to cut the net. A gruntGyarados tries to catchattack the kidsthem with a net, but Gyarados' Hyper Beam. blows[[Pryce|An theold gruntsman]] away.appears Ashand tellsorders Gyaradoshis {{TP|Pryce|Dewgong}} to gouse back{{m|Ice toBeam}} on the river, butwhich Jessiestops andGyarados Jamesfrom showtraveling upany infurther. theHe Meowthtells Balloonthem andthat catch Gyarados with another net. Ash jumpsPokémon and grabshumans ontoare thenot netmeant to savebe the Gyaradosfriends, butand Meowthit's triesputting tothem shakein him off unsuccessfullydanger. Gyarados uses Thrash againAsh and breakshis thefriends netsoon freeleave fromas the balloon. Gyarados continuesturns downaway theto river,continue butits Teamoutrage Rocketin saythe theyopposite will catch Pikachu anyway. However, Pikachu easily defeats Arbok and sends Team Rocket blasting off with a {{m|Thunderbolt}}direction.
TheDown triothe continuesriver, followingLance's the Gyarados whoDragonite is usingtrying Hyperto Beam alongfight the riverRed sideGyarados. BecauseThe Gyaradostwo isPokémon headingexchange straighta for the centerbarrage of town,attacks. Ash needsand tohis dofriends somethingurge quick. Ash triesLance to talkstop the Gyarados into becoming calmbattle, but GyaradosLance triesinsists tothat attackbattling themis withthe Hyperonly Beam.way [[Pryce|Anto oldcalm man]]Gyarados's appearsanger. andDragonite ordersmanages histo {{TPstatus|Pryce|Dewgongparalyze}} toGyarados usewith {{m|Icea Beam}},Thunder Wave. A follow up Twister stoppingcauses Gyarados fromto goinghit anythe furtherwater. HeThe tellsRed themGyarados thatrises Pokémonagain, and humansas areit not meantprepares to befire friendsa Hyper Beam, andDragonite’s it'sown puttingHyper themBeam inhits danger, butfirst. Gyarados turnssoon awayfaints, and goesLance intocaptures theit oppositewith direction;a Ash[[Poké and {{ashfr}} followBall]].
DownBy the riversunset, Officer Jenny salutes Lance for his efforts. She soon leaves to continue her investigation into Team Rocket's Dragoniteactivities. isLance tryingthanks tothe group, and assures Ash that he will look fightafter the Red Gyarados and treat it as a friend. Eventually,Ash withis Thunderinstantly Wavecheered up. Afterwards, TwisterLance andflies Hyperoff Beam,on Gyaradoshis faintsDragonite, and Lancesays capturesgoodbye itto withAsh aand [[Pokéhis Ball]]friends.
Team Rocket is sent to jail, and Lance flies off on his Dragonite, with the trio waving goodbye.
==Major events==