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Later, after Team Flare is defeated once and for all, Professor Sycamore, the Kalos Gym Leaders, [[Alexa]], [[Bonnie]], and [[Yvette]] congratulate X and his friends for their victory. Professor Sycamore proposes to have a party and parade as a celebration for their heroics, but Trevor declines, as he and his friends prefer to stick close to one another. Later, Sycamore talks to {{adv|Blue}} and [[Blaine]] about their involvement in the battle against Team Flare. Blue and Blaine reveal that after they witnessed Zygarde disintegrate into its Cells, they noticed a green figure from where it once stood. Sycamore reveals that similar creatures have been seen in the [[Alola]] region, and sends Sina and Dexio there to investigate. While Sina and Dexio are away, Sycamore has Trevor take their place as his assistant.
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None of Squirtle's moves are known.}}
=====Given away=====
|trainer=Professor Sycamore
|desc={{p|Charmander}} is one the Pokémon that hangs around Professor Sycamore's lab. It was first seen alongside the other Kanto starters watching the footage of the battle between {{p|Xerneas}} and {{p|Yveltal}}. Sometime after, Charmander escaped from the lab and took a nap in a flower bed on {{rt|4|Kalos}}, where its tail caused the flowers to catch fire. The fire was put out by {{p|Froakie}}, who Charmander had recognized since they both belonged to the Professor. After returning it to Professor Sycamore, the Professor decided to have a battle with {{adv|X}} and chose Charmander to use against {{p|Chespin}}. Chespin was defeated by Charmander, and to Professor Sycamore's surprise, X took Charmander with him and named it Salamè.}}
|trainer=Professor Sycamore