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* {{p|Burmy}}, {{p|Wormadam}}, and {{p|Mothim}}
* {{p|Cherubi}} and {{p|Cherrim}}
* {{p|Shellos}} and {{p|Gastrodon}}
* {{p|Mime Jr.}}
* {{p|Gible}}, {{p|Gabite}}, and {{p|Garchomp}}
* {{p|Probopass}}
* {{p|Rotom}}
* {{p|Uxie}}, {{p|Mesprit}}, and {{p|Azelf}}
* {{p|Regigigas}}
* {{p|Phione}} and {{p|Manaphy}}
* February 25, 2019: {{p|Smeargle}} became available through using the AR Camera.
* March 1, 2019: {{p|Dialga}} became available in raids until March 28.
* April 30, 2019: {{p|Uxie}}, {{p|Mesprit}}, and {{p|Azelf}} became available. {{p|Shellos}} and {{p|Gastrodon}} were also accidently made available in the wild for about 30 minutes.
====Region-exclusive Pokémon====
| style="background:#fff" | [[File:GO455.png|60px]]
| style="background:#fff; {{roundybr|5px}}" | Southeastern United States and the Bahamas
|- style=background:#fff
| {{p|Uxie}} || [[File:GO480.png|60px]] || Asia-Pacific{{tt|*|only Japan confirmed so far}}
|- style=background:#fff
| {{p|Mesprit}} || [[File:GO481.png|60px]] || Europe{{tt|*|only Germany confirmed so far}}
|- style=background:#fff
| {{p|Azelf}} || [[File:GO482.png|60px]] || Americas
At major events, {{p|Pikachu}} and {{p|Pichu}} may be caught or hatched wearing [[Pikachu variants#Pokémon GO|a special hat]], and {{p|Raichu}} will retain the hat upon evolution. During the {{p|Squirtle}} [[Community Day]] on July 8, 2018, Sunglasses Squirtle based on the [[Squirtle Squad]] from the anime was made available through Field Research; {{p|Wartortle}} and {{p|Blastoise}} will both retain the glasses on evolution. During the 2019 Valentines Day event, a {{p|Spinda}} based on the heart-spotted one from ''[[AG057|Going for a Spinda]]'' can be obtained from Field Research. For Pokémon Day 2019, an {{p|Eevee}} with a hat was added alongside Pikachu; its evolutions retain the hat on evolution.
The [[Lake Guardians]], {{p|Uxie}}, {{p|Mesprit}}, and {{p|Azelf}}, have been available in the wild as a very rare spawn since April 30, 2019.
''See also: [[List of Pokémon with form differences#Pokémon GO|List of Pokémon with form differences→Pokémon GO]]''