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Kartana (Pokémon)

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Kartana is a small Ultra Beast that resembles an {{wp|origami}} human. It appears to be folded out of a sheet of paper which is white on one side and red on the other. Its head is folded slightly inside its body and has a four-sided star in the center, but no discernible facial features. On top of its head are two short antennae or horns that are wider at the top. It has long, thin arms that resemble katanas with a yellow, sheath-like structure around the upper area. The sheath connects to a red, slightly raised hexagon on its torso. Extending up and out from the base of each sheath are three yellow projections that are nearly as long as its arms. Its legs appear creased with areas of red visible along the edges. Its light, thin build makes it one of the [[List of Pokémon by weight|lightest]] Pokémon, tying with {{p|Gastly}}., {{p|Haunter}}, {{p|Flabébé}}, and {{p|Cosmog}}.
Despite its small size compared to the other Ultra Beasts, Kartana is extremely dangerous, as every edge of its body is incredibly sharp. It is able to cut down a gigantic steel tower with one stroke of the blades on its arms, and any opponents that try to attack it will be similarly cut apart. According to [[Wicke]] of the [[Aether Foundation]], its light, paper-like body allows it to evade most attacks by simply floating out of the way, but it also makes it highly vulnerable to fire and moisture. For a brief time, it was the [[Signature move|only Pokémon]] that could learn {{m|Cut}} by leveling up.<!--Do NOT move this to the trivia section, every Pokémon has their signature move mentioned here-->