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In his [[SM041|first appearance]], Horacio was arrogant and condescending, believing that his Charjabug's top-class equipment and {{incompletestat|Speed}}-increasing [[nature]] would allow him to win the race with ease. He was also a bad sport, mocking {{an|Sophocles}} and the latter's {{p|Charjabug}}. He also disregarded the well-being of his Pokémon, not allowing his Charjabug to take a break during pit stops, resulting in Charjabug being too exhausted to continue and allowing Sophocles and his own Charjabug to get ahead of them. This was seen again in [[SM106]], when he arrived at a bridge with the Bug Stone at the other side, he disregarded Sophocles's warning about the bridge being unstable and continued on, resulting in the bridge collapsing, and had to be saved by Sophocles's newly-evolved {{TP|Sophocles|sectionVikavolt}}.
By [[SM119]], Horacio appears to have humbled down, as seen after he lost to Sophocles in the [[Vikavolt race]], he offered the latter a friendly handshake. He also learned the value of fair play, as seen during the race, where he had his Vikavolt go back to help Sophocles's Vikavolt after the latter had saved it from Team Rocket's mecha. And later, after everyone's Vikavolt were freed, he resumed the race at the same time as everyone else.