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Later that night, in her room in the female student quarters, Whitley sits with Foongus on the bed, feeling distressed about all that happened, and fails to see why her mother would enlist her in a school just so that she'd forget about her past. She opens up her locket and sees the photo of [[N]]. She also sees her ex-uniform from the open wardrobe. Addressing N as "Lord", Whitley hopes that he would be back someday.
Meanwhile, Blake is in his room in the male student quarters, crossing out names from a list on his laptop. Suddenly he hears a knocking sound. Blake turns around to spot a silhouette hanging upside-down from a window. The silhouette, whose voice correctly finishes a cipher sentence started by Blake, reveals itself to be a [[International Police]] officer. LBlakeBlake asks if he is called [[Looker]]. At the same time, another shadow creeps behind the officer. Before Blake can voice his warning, the shadow reveals itself as a {{p|Scolipede}}, grabs Looker and heads for the rooftop. Blake quickly makes his way towards the rooftop and his Dewott defeats Scolipede with ease.
Looker brings himself back on his feet and is relieved that he can count on his new assistant. Blake is not pleased by what he just heard, and tells Looker to refer back to the appointment letter. Looker is shocked to see that he made an appointment with a superintendent. Blake duly confirms his rank and says that he is Looker's superior.