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Marowak (Pokémon)

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* In the [[Pokémon Red and Green beta|Pokémon Red and Blue beta]], Marowak was originally known as "Guardia". This is the Spanish word for ''guardian''.
* According to some of Marowak's [[Generation II]] and {{gen|IV}} Pokédex entries, somewhere exists a legendary Marowak graveyard. This is a reference to the {{wp|elephants' graveyard}} of modern myth.
* [[Regional variant|Alolan]] Marowak is the only dual-type Pokémon with a pre-evolution that shares no types with itits pre-evolution.
* Alolan Marowak, {{p|Weavile}}, and {{p|Porygon-Z}} are all the same weight as {{ga|Dawn}}.
* Though Alolan Marowak shares the [[Ability]] {{a|Rock Head}} with Cubone, a Cubone with Rock Head cannot evolve into an Alolan Marowak with the same Ability, as Rock Head is Cubone's first Ability and Alolan Marowak's Hidden Ability.
* A Marowak's {{stat|Attack}} is doubled if it holds a [[Thick Club]].