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[[File:Pokémon GO level up.png|thumb|200px|Leveling up]]
The '''Trainer level''' (Japanese: '''トレーナーレベル''' ''Trainer level'') is a property of the player in [[Pokémon {{g|GO]]}}. The player's Trainer level is increased by earning experience (abbreviated XP). Leveling up earns the player items, and certain levels unlock particular items. Once unlocked, items can appear when searching [[PokéStop]]s or opening [[Gift]]s. After reaching level 5, the player can choose a team, which allows them to use {{OBP|Gym|GO}}s and participate in [[Raid Battle]]s. Trainer levels are capped at level 40, but players can continue accumulating XP.
AfterA reachingplayer's Trainer level 5determines the [[Power Up]] level limits of Pokémon they may encounter in the {{pkmn2|wild}} or own. Power Up levels of wild Pokémon, excluding those encountered in raids or [[Field Research|research tasks]], are capped at the player's canTrainer chooselevel, aup teamto level 30; wild Pokémon with [[weather]]-boosted [[type]]s, whichare allowscapped themat the Trainer level + 5, up to uselevel 35. Pokémon hatched from {{OBP|Gympkmn|GOEgg}}s have an initial Power Up level equal to the Trainer level at the time the Egg was originally obtained, up to level 20. A player can Power Up a Pokémon up to two levels past the Trainer level, up to level 40; if a player is traded a Pokémon at a higher Power Up level, its level will be dropped to meet this limit.
==Earning experience==
|[[File:GO Poké Ball.png|24px|link=Poké Ball#Poké Ball]]×20 [[File:GO Potion.png|24px|link=Potion#Potion]]×10 [[File:GO Revive.png|24px|link=Revive]]×10 [[File:GO Incense.png|24px|link=Incense]]×1
|{{OBP|Gym|GO}}s, [[Raid Pass]]es, [[Potion]]s, [[Revive]]s
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|[[File:GO Poké Ball.png|24px|link=Poké Ball#Poké Ball]]×20 [[File:GO Super Potion.png|24px|link=Super Potion]]×20 [[File:GO Revive.png|24px|link=Revive]]×10 [[File:GO Razz Berry.png|24px|link=Razz Berry]]×10 [[File:GO Incense.png|24px|link=Incense]]×1 [[File:GO Lucky Egg.png|24px|link=Lucky Egg]]×1 [[File:GO Egg Incubator.png|24px|link=Egg Incubator]]×1 [[File:GO Lure Module.png|24px|link=Lure Module]]×1
|[[Super Potion]]s, [[Dragon Scale]]s, [[King's Rock]]s, [[Metal Coat]]s, [[Sun Stone]]s, [[Up-Grade]]s, [[Trade]]s
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