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* Before the flashback to [[Mateo]]'s grandfather, the straps on {{Tracey}}'s [[bag|backpack]] are orange instead of black.
* When {{Tracey}} sends out {{TP|Tracey|Venonat}} and {{TP|Tracey|Marill}}, the [[Poké Ball]]s don't open.
* When [[Mateo]]Tracey sends commandedout {{pTP|CharmeleonTracey|Venonat}} to useand {{mTP|EmberTracey|Marill}} against, the crystal[[Poké Onix,Ball]]s itdon't usedopen. {{m|Fire Spin}} instead.
* When Mateo commanded {{p|Charmeleon}} to use {{m|Ember}} against the crystal Onix, it used {{m|Fire Spin}} instead.
* Marill's Japanese voice can be heard instead of its English voice in one scene in the dub.
* In the scene where Tracey calls out Marill, {{Ash}} has disappeared.