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Flame Burst (move)

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Flame Burst deals damage to the target, then inflicts damage to up to two Pokémon adjacent to that target equal to 1/16 of their respective maximum HP. Except in [[Battle Royal]]s, the extra damage is dealt to the up to two Pokémon that are both allied with and adjacent to the target; in Battle Royals, the extra damage is dealt to the other two opposing Pokémon. The extra damage is not inflicted if the target was not affected by Flame Burst (such as due to Flame Burst missing, {{a|Flash Fire}}, or being {{cat|Protection moves|protected}}).
The extra damage is effect damage, so it does not interact with Abilities such as Flash Fire or {{a|Color Change}} on the damaged Pokémon, and is not affected by {{cat|protection moves}} and {{m|Endure}}, {{a|Wonder Guard}}, {{m|Substitute}}, {{m|Destiny Bond}}, or {{a|Telepathy}}. If the Pokémon that takes the extra damage is {{p|Shedinja}}, a held [[Focus Sash]] will also have no effect. However, due to being effect damage, it is prevented by {{a|Magic Guard}}. This damage cannot miss.