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Ultra Legend set 4 (Ga-Olé)

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The character Gesshoku Hyadain is based on a photograph of Hyadain in his youth wearing a school uniform and performing his now signature pose, an image he recreated during episode 112 of Pokénchi. ''Gesshoku'', which translates as lunar eclipse, as well as his all-black attire, are references to {{p|Necrozma}}'s Dawn Wings form that debuted in [[Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon]], released a few weeks before the airing of the episode. Abareru-kun has since mimicked this persona on various occasions and is the version of Gesshoku Hyadain featured in Trainer and Battle mode. The character's title, ''kawara'', can literally translate as riverbank, traditionally a place for outcasts and misfits in Japanese society.