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If for some reason a physical location is unsuitable as a PokéStop, players may send a request to Niantic via the Pokémon GO website or Niantic Support official Twitter account to remove it from the game. This could be due to safety concerns or if there is an error related to the PokéStop (the landmark no longer exists, never existed in the first place, or has been converted to a different use such as a private residence).
Since September 2018, Level 40 players have been able to submit stops in a limited number of countries.
* Brazil and South Korea (from September 2018)<ref>[éstop_nomination_beta_comes_to_brazil_and/ : TheSilphRoad]</ref>
* Mexico (from October 18, 2018)<ref>[éstop_nomination_feature/ : TheSilphRoad]</ref>
* Chile (from November 15, 2018)<ref>[éstop_submission_live_in_chile/ : TheSilphRoad]</ref>
* Argentina (from January 31, 2019)<ref>[ : TheSilphRoad]</ref>
* Peru (from February 28, 2019)<ref>[éstop_submission_live_in_perú/ : TheSilphRoad]</ref>
* Indonesia (from March 15, 2019)<ref>[ : TheSilphRoad]</ref>
* Central and South America (from March 28, 2019)<ref>[ : TheSilphRoad]</ref>
* Taiwan (from April 12, 2019)<ref>[éstop_nomination_feature/ : TheSilphRoad]</ref>
* Denmark (from April 24, 2019)<ref>[éstop_nomination_feature/ : TheSilphRoad]</ref>
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