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In the anime
An [[Amulet Coin]] appeared in ''[[BW133|Capacia Island UFO!]],'' where it was found by {{Ash}}. Later, when he and {{TRT}} entered a UFO belonging to a group of {{p|Beheeyem}}, the Beheeyem told them that they lost an item looking like the Amulet Coin that was a vital part in getting the UFO to fly. Ash gave them the Amulet Coin he found, but it was not the right item. Instead, the Beheeyem sought a similar-looking item, which had been found by [[James]] earlier on.
In ''[[BW134|The Journalist from Another Region!]]'', a [[Pokémon Sumo Tournament]] was held during the [[Harvest Festival]] on [[Harvest Island]], with the prize for winning being a [[Focus Band]]. Eventually, it was won by Ash, who gave it to his {{AP|Pignite}} to wear as a trophy.
In ''[[XY059|Under the Pledging Tree!]]'', a [[Rocky Helmet]] was one of the items offered to Ash by a market vendor in [[Coumarine City]] after Ash had wondered out loud what presents he should buy for an upcoming festival.
Focus Band anime.png|A Focus Band
Amulet Coin anime.png|An Amulet Coin
Focus Band anime.png|A Focus Band
Rocky Helmet anime.png|A Rocky Helmet
Safety Goggles anime.png|Safety Goggles