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Ultra Legend set 4 (Ga-Olé)

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The fourth set in the Ultra Legend series continues to introduce more [[Generation I]] to Pokémon Ga-Olé and also marks the debut of the [[Generation III]] [[starter Pokémon]] and their evolutions, rounding off the inclusion of, as of the set's release, all seven starter evolutionary families in the game. The set's two primary launch courses feature new Grade 5 versions of {{p|Dialga}} and {{p|Palkia}}, which have access to the [[Z-Move]] {{m|Devastating Drake}}, as well as new Grade 5 versions of {{p|Latias}} and {{p|Latios}}, each of which have the ability to [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolve]]. A new version of the Mythical Alpha Pokémon {{p|Arceus}} was also available from March initially as a {{type|Normal}} disk, consecutively followed by {{t|Fire}}, {{t|Water}}, and {{type|Grass}} disks in limited serial courses. Mythical Pokémon {{p|Meltan}} and its evolution {{p|Melmetal}} also made their Pokémon Ga-Olé debut in this set, available to encounter and catch on the Melmetal Course from mid-March.
[[Ultra Beast]]s continue to play a part in the series' theme, featuring the Pokémon Ga-Olé debut of the Lissome Pokémon {{p|Pheromosa}}<!-- and the JunkivoreDrawn Sword Pokémon {{p|GuzzlordKartana}}-->. As with previous sets, Ultra Beasts could be encountered on any course that featured an Ultra Beast Appears! icon within a certain timeframe. Pheromosa could be encountered from the launch of the set until March 20, 2019<!--, while GuzzlordKartana could be encountered between March 21 and April 24, 2019. Both Ultra Beasts are Grade 5 Pokémon-->.
Trainer and Battle Mode was available to challenge from February 17, 2019, much earlier into the set's duration when compared to previous sets. Trainer and Battle Mode also had a theme for the first time, featuring the hosts of Pokémon variety show ''[[Meet Up at the Pokémon House?]]'' as opponents instead of traditional Trainers. The four hosts, Shokotan ([[Shōko Nakagawa]]), Rinka (Rinka Ōtani), Hyadain ({{wp|Kenichi Maeyamada}}), and Abareru-kun (Hiroki Kobari) could be challenged in any order. A fifth opponent, Gesshoku Hyadain, could be challenged upon defeating all 4 hosts. Players could dispense a promotional disk featuring a host's signature Pokémon for an additional ¥100 following the battle. 'WINNER' versions were available to those who successfully defeated a host's team.
==Set list==