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Instruct (move)

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Instruct causes the target to repeat its most recent move immediately; {{PP}} will be deducted from moves used in this manner, and damage dealt by moves used in this manner is considered for the purpose of {{m|Counter}}, {{m|Mirror Coat}}, and {{m|Metal Burst}} (even if the target did not select a move this turn). If the target has not yet made a move this turn when instructed to use its most recent move, it may still use the move it selected this turn afterwards.
Instruct will fail if the target has not made any move; the target is in the middle of {{m|Bide}}, {{m|Focus Punch}}, {{m|Beak Blast}}, {{m|Shell Trap}}, or a {{cat|consecutively executed moves|consecutively executed move}}; the instructed move's PP is depleted; or the target does not know the move that would be instructed (e.g. if the last move it used was due to {{a|Dancer}}, or it has leveled up and replaced that move since it used it). It will also fail if the target's most recent move is Instruct itself, Bide, Focus Punch, Beak Blast, Shell Trap, {{m|Sketch}}, {{m|Transform}}, {{m|Mimic}}, {{m|King's Shield}}, {{m|Struggle}}, a {{cat|Moves that require recharging|move that requires recharging}} (such as {{m|Hyper Beam}}), a {{cat|moves with a charging turn|move with a charging turn}} (such as {{m|Dig}} or {{m|Skull Bash}}), a {{cat|moves that call other moves|move that calls another move}} (such as {{m|Metronome}}), or a [[Z-Move]].
Using an instructed move is a separate action, and effects bound to a Pokémon's actions are applied individually: for example, a Pokémon may hit itself in {{status|confusion}}, be {{status|sleep|asleep}}, or {{a|Truant|loaf around}} for the first of its actions, but execute a move normally for its second. All actions that are not bound to a Pokémon's actions still apply once for the entire turn: for example, if a Pokémon has {{status|flinch}}ed, this applies to all of its actions for the remainder of the turn; if it is {{status|poison}}ed, it will take poison damage only once at the end of the turn.