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Pokémon controversy

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Despite the initial banning, which quickly wiped away [[Pokémon merchandise]], especially the card game, from markets in Saudi Arabia, Pokémon video games quickly returned to be sold normally, but under much less demand from local consumers. Some Pokémon merchandise, such as the {{OBP|Expedition Base Set|TCG}} reappeared in certain stores a few years later, but newer sets were never brought. Games from [[Generation III]] on seem completely unaffected by the ban.
As noted above, Members of the Jewish civil rights group {{wp|Anti-Defamation League}} accused [[Nintendo]] in 1999 of using a manji, the Japanese name of the {{wp|swastika}} as a {{wp|Buddhism|Buddhist}} symbol, in the Japanese print of {{TCG ID|Gym Challenge|Koga's Ninja Trick|115}} because it is considered offensive to the Jewish people. Nintendo ceased manufacturing the card, a decision that was positively received by the group, which also understood that the symbol was not intended to offend and acknowledged the sensitivity that Nintendo had shown by removing the product.<ref>[ `Swastika' Pokemon card dropped - Chicago Sun-Times | HighBeam Research] ([ archived copy])</ref>