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TheA daylarge beginscrowd withhas everyonegathered waitingin forthe stands and the participating {{pkmn|Trainer}}s are in gondolas as the [[Whirl Cup]] Colosseumtournament's opening asceremony thebegins. waterThe drainsannouncer outexplains somewhat.the Soonhistory allof the {{pkmn|Trainer}}sevent and audiencebrings watcheveryone's attention to the Sea Priestess, {{jo|Maya}}. She congratulates them as well as wishing them a little luck. SheMaya then putsshines her staff[[Sea thatSpirit|Great hasSea aSpirit sapphire at the endSapphire]] towards the sun, whichand makes{{TRT}} thewho areaare glowworking bluishas forfood avendors, while.spots Thetheir prizenext giventarget to steal. Maya evokes the winningSea TrainerSpirit isUnion, [[Mysticand Water|a pendant]]blue thatlight helpswashes over the entire stadium complex to bring forth the energy of all {{t|Water}} {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} who wears it. {{TRT}},The actingannouncer asdeclares vendors,that gazesprize upongiven to the staffcrowned moreAlpha thanOmega thewill They formulateis a scheme[[Mystic to tryWater]] to snatch itpendant.
The wayIn the Whirllead Cupup to the tournament, goesAsh isand aMisty twolearn "block"they are in the Block A division; {{Ash}} and {{an|Misty}}get areinto ina blockheated "A"argument over who will win. Ash noticesthen realizes that he only has {{AP|one Water Pokémon|Totodile}}, so he calls {{an|Professor Oak}} tofrom swap athe [[Pokémon for {{AP|Kingler}}Center]]. HeAt putsOak’s insuggestion, Ash sends through his {{AP|Bayleef}} and he getsreceives {{AP|Kingler}}. Back at [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]], Oak releasescalls out Bayleef, but Bayleef gets veryinto sada from being away from Ashpanic and runs around eventually rammingrams into Oak. The first day all contestants in block A fight off. Ash and Misty sort of get into a fight before the first match begins but {{an|Brock}} helps settle things out.
The secondsixth round of Block A pits Ash against {{OBP|Christopher|EP216}}. Ash uses Totodile for this round and his opponent calls out a {{p|Kingdra}}. Ash takesscans aKingdra quickwith scanhis on it[[Pokédex]] and is pleased to see a tough opponent. Though Brock in the bleachers comments to Misty that Ash might not have a good time with this one. Beingbecause it's a dual {{2tt|Water}} and {{type|Dragon}}, making Totodile's Water [[Move|attacks]] are practically useless. Ash takes the lead and commands Totodile to dive under the water, but Kingdra counters with a {{m|Twister}}. Christopher orders Kingdra to stop the Twister causing Totodile snapsto outfreefall. ofKingdra itaims anda {{m|Water Gun}}, but Totodile lands on one of the platforms. AfterChristopher that, Kingdra shootsdecides a {{m|Hydro Pump}} atis Totodileorder, but Totodile simply walks along the waterattack and gets close enough to do a {{m|Headbutt}}, but. Kingdra dives, to evade and Totodile doingdoes the same. Kingdra releases a {{m|Smokescreen}} thatto covers upcloud the water. With no other option, Ash tells Totodile to jump out of the water. The battle comes to a standstill becauseas itAsh wasanticipates expectedKingdra's thatnext Ashmove. wouldTotodile havebegins Totodileto riskdance itaround, and jumpthis backsign inreassures Ash that everything will be fine. Fed up, theChristopher Trainer tellshas Kingdra to jump upresurface and try another Hydro Pump. Ash however tellsThough Totodile to use {{m|Bite}}s ononto Kingdra's snout, aimingeffectively forstopping the snoutHydro Pump. Totodile is successful and plugs up Kingdra's snoutswells causingto allenormous theproportions wateras toa hold backresult. After a while Totodile releases its jaw and Kingdra goes flying across the stadium. It hit the water field hard and eventuallyfloats gettingto the surface, [[fainting|knocked out]]. Ash wins the match and can advance to the next round. After the match, Team Rocket is still devising a plan to get Maya's staff., Except a supervisor comes by andbut they seemare tointerrupted havewhen aanother strongstaff patriotismmember to the sales pitch.tells Laterthem that nightthere Mistyare staresmore athungry thecustomers coliseumto from the [[Pokémon Center]] window thinking. Ash notices and they have the talk about what will happen if they end up battling each otherserve.
TheOvernight, thirdMisty roundstares at the Colosseum from her [[Pokémon Center]] room window. Ash offers her some reassurance, and Misty declares that she is simply excited for upcoming match. Day two of Blockthe AWhirl hasCup begins, and Misty battlinggoes up against {{OBP|Harrison|EP216}} in the ninth round. Harrison is one of the older Trainers, so he has a snobbish attitude when he steps up to the arena. The match is on, {{TP|Misty|Corsola}} against {{p|Qwilfish}}. Qwilfish begins the match by shooting a {{m|Water Gun}}, but Corsola reflects it back with a {{m|Mirror Coat}}. Seeing that this tactic won't work, Harrison tellsorders itQuilfish to start swallowing water. As the announcer says that this is used for preparing a volley of spikes, Misty thinks fast. Qwilfish soon releases a {{m|Pin Missile}} and so Corsola counters with {{m|Spike Cannon}}. The two attacks explode in mid -air knocking Corsola back, but Qwilfish took refuge in the waters. Taking advantage of this, Qwilfish makesstrikes Corsola with a {{m|Take Down}} attack to Corsola. Worried that Corsola is going to burn out anytime, Misty tells it to use {{m|Recover}}, however Qwilfish has already started up another Take Down. By the time Corsola has recovered, Qwilfish's alreadyattack zeroed inhits. Corsola and Qwilfish divedip downinto andthe Qwilfish reappearswater, but sothe doespair Corsola,resurface belowand Qwilfish. QwilfishQuilfish is stuckrevealed onto Corsola'sbe headstuck andin can'tCorsola’s docrown muchof about this so it just swims aroundhorns. Misty finally gets an idea and tells Corsola to use Spike Cannon. Corsola fires thea close range Spike Cannon sendingwhich sends Qwilfish sky-high, and Misty winningwins the match. During the battle, Team Rocket make their move towards Maya's staff, but they failed. [[Officer Jenny]] isorders therethem andto noticesleave them,the sorestricted theyarea, quicklywhich get outfoils their snacks-for-sale and pretend they were going to sell themattempt.
Back at the Pokémon Center, Ash and Misty waitboth forcongratulate each other on making it to the resultssecond ofround. A large commotion alerts the tournament,group andto itthe screen featuring the match ups for tomorrow's second round battles. It turns out that Ash is up against Misty for the next round, and the two friends stare at each other in shock.
==Major events==