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At Aether Paradise, a crowd and members of press have gathered, with [[Professor Burnet]] welcoming Ash and his classmates. Everybody takes a seat, and finally, {{al|Anna}} welcomes Professor Kukui to the stage. After a round of welcoming applause, a total silence falls upon the crowd as they prepare to hear the announcement. After a suspenseful pause, Kukui announces the first-ever [[Alola]]n {{al|Pokémon League}}, getting everyone excited. Kukui goes on to explain that the winner of the [[Pokémon League Conference|tournament]] will become Alola's first-ever {{pkmn|Champion}}, as well as pointing out the importance of bonds between {{pkmn|Trainer}}s and their Pokémon. The press conference, which is broadcast live across the [[region]], is being observed by people all over Alola, including {{an|Gladion}} and {{TRT}}. The Rocket trio even starts dreaming about the possibilities achievable through winning a championship, like giving the entire archipelago as a gift to {{an|Giovanni|the Boss}}.
Back at Aether Paradise, Kukui presents the crowd with the five people who have agreed to support his idea: [[Island Kahuna]]s [[Hala]], [[Nanu]], [[Olivia]], and [[Hapu]], as well as [[Lusamine]] of the [[Aether Foundation]]. Ash calls out to Hapu and she replies, before Burnet tells him to stop disturbing everyone. The Kahunas then go on to mention the custom of [[island challenge]] and how it once included a long since abandoned tradition of those who had cleared all four grand trials climbing to the summit of [[Mount Lanakila]] and battling each other there. Professor Kukui has now decided to revive that tradition in a form that anyone can participate in. Lusamine adds that the Aether Foundation has decided to wholeheartedly support the idea of a Pokémon League tournament, and the curtain behind the five speakers opens up, revealing the Pokémon League construction site a short distance away from Aether Paradise. In his excitement, Kukui almost performs his Masked Royal pose and catchphrase, but covers himself at the last second, narrowly saving his alter ego from being exposed.
After the press conference has ended, both Ash and {{an|Kiawe}} are fired up about the Pokémon League. Principal Oak then asks the rest of Ash's classmates if they'd want to join too, much to their surprise. {{an|Lana}} is quick to accept, and Sophocles also shows interest, due to his [[SM106|newly evolved]] {{TP|Sophocles|Vikavolt}}. Mallow also encourages {{an|Lillie}} to join, reminding her of the successful [[Double Battle]] she had [[SM080|a while back]]. While accepting the invitation, Mallow and Lillie are feeling uncertain about what they should do, whereas Lana is brimming with confidence. Ash expresses his happiness of the unexpected pleasure of getting to participate in a Pokémon League in Alola, which Pikachu agrees with.
* There is no dialogue during the first part of the Dare da? segment, aside from {{AP|Pikachu}}.
* Team Rocket performs their {{DL|Team Rocket mottos|original motto}} in this episode.
* This is the first time the Team Rocket trio has fought directly against the leader of another [[villainous teams|villainous team]].
* [[Lusamine]], {{an|Lillie}}, [[Hobbes]], and {{an|Gladion}} narrate the preview for the [[SM116|next episode]].