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While traveling to [[Olivine City]], {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} starearrive uponon athe largeborders of a desert. They{{an|Brock}} startoffers tosome goassurance whenand his guidebook states that [[Olivine City]] is on the other side. Ash suddenlysoon getsfalls caughtinto ina pitfall and a hole,net withcatches {{AP|Pikachu}}. getting{{TRT}} caughtreveal bythemselves from behind a net,sandy bothcolored setdisguise bycloak {{TRT}}.and Aslaunch they sayinto their {{motto}},. {{an|Misty}} and {{an|Brock}} helphelps Ash out. Ashof callsthe outhole, histhough {{APTeam Rocket are already aboard their [[Team Rocket's mechas|Cyndaquil}}Meowth balloon]] to make short work oftheir thisescape. [[James]] sends {{TP|James|Weezing}} andfor a {{m|Smokescreen}}, but [[Ash's Cyndaquil]] clings ononto it,its aboutface. toBefore useCyndaquil can launch a {{m|Flamethrower}} up close., Weezing shakes Cyndaquil off and. Cyndaquil lands on the ground headfirst. When it gets up, a swelling grows on its nose, making it a bit weak. Team Rocket pokes fun at Cyndaquil for a while and then James tells Weezing to use {{m|Sludge}}, but Ash blocks the attack with his back. Ash tells Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower again, and after feeling somewhat self-conscious, it does so. However, Weezing uses {{m|Smokescreen}} at the same time, causing a massive explosion that sends Team Rocket and Cyndaquil blasting off. Though Pikachu lands at Ash’s feet and emerges from the net unscathed. Afterwards, Ash tries to look for Cyndaquil without success. Brock suggests they go to the local [[Pokémon Center]] for clues.
Cyndaquil wakes up and finds that it is lost. A {{p|Sentret}} spies on it and calls out, while a {{p|Butterfree}} and {{p|Sandshrew}} start to spy on Cyndaquil as well. Soon, Cyndaquil collapses and then the Butterfree hovers above it. A {{p|Dugtrio}} soon picks Cyndaquil up and starts to carry himit off somewhere. MeanwhileTeam Rocket, atwho are stuck in their balloon's basket dangling from a rock, complain about the Pokémondesert Centerconditions when they spot Cyndaquil being carried off. They want to get it, but [[Nurse JoyJessie]] tellsand theJames gangdon't thatwant thereto isgo, aso legendthey aboutjust athrow sanctuary{{MTR}} fordown. PokémonMeowth inlands theon deserthis face and gets his nose hurt too, wherecausing Cyndaquilanother mightDugtrio Thecarry grouphim headsoff out,with butCyndaquil. JoyJessie failsand James try to mentionget out of the sanctuary'sballoon and end up falling down. They follow the exacttwo locationDugtrio.
TeamTheir Rocket startsstopover to complainthe aboutlocal thePokémon messCenter theyled areAsh and his friends to resume their search in untilthe theydesert seeafter Cyndaquillearning beingabout carrieda off.local Theylegend wantabout toa getPokémon it,oasis in somewhere butfrom [[JessieNurse Joy]]. andBrock Jamescalls don'ton wanthis {{TP|Brock|Onix}} to goscout for Pikachu, sohowever theythe justsearch throwis yielding no results. Suddenly Pikachu spots a pair of {{MTRp|Quagsire}} down.up Meowthupon landsa onhill. hisThe face{{OBP|Pokémon|species}} andstart getsto hiswalk noseaway hurtfrom too,them causingcalmly anotherso Dugtriothe togang carrytakes hima offhunch withand Cyndaquilfollows them. JessieThey reach a plateau and Jamesspot trya totall getmountain outup ofahead. the{{TP|Brock|Crobat}} [[Transportationand in{{AP|Noctowl}} fly over and affirm the Pokémongroup's world|balloon]]suspicions, and endwith upthat fallingAsh down.and Theyhis followfriends themake twotheir way over to the Dugtriomountain.
AshJessie seemsand toJames findsee nothingthat muchCyndaquil outand Meowth have been taken into a mesa, with a wall of {{p|Exeggutor}} in front of the desert,entrance. butThe Pikachutwo spotsPokémon are passed onto an Exeggutor and they are carried into an oasis inside the mesa. The two Pokémon stare around for a couplewhile, ofseeing that other Pokémon are running around enjoying this place. The Exeggutor calls out and a {{p|QuagsireMiltank}} upcomes uponout of a hole in a hilltree. The Miltank walks up to them, greets them and proceeds to heal both Cyndaquil and Meowth’s injuries with a {{OBPm|Pokémon|speciesHeal Bell}}. startSeeing that they aren't coming out, Jessie and James make a run for it to walkthe entrance, but the Exeggutor use a {{t|Psychic}} attack and lead them far away. fromThe group arrives just as Jessie and James walk passed them calmlyin an odd state. Brock uses his binoculars and sees that Exeggutor appear to have hypnotized Team Rocket. To get passed this obstacle, Brock has Onix {{m|Dig}} underground to the gangmesa. takesElsewhere, Jessie and James suddenly slam into a hunchstone monolithic object and followssnap themout of it. They are annoyed to find themselves back at their balloon’s crash site. Jessie has some tape handy and settles on fixing the Meowth balloon to try an aerial approach.
JessieThe andgroup Jamesmakes seeit thatto Cyndaquila andtunnel Meowth have been taken intowith a mesariver, withand aBrock wallpoints ofout {{p|Exeggutor}}they inshould front offollow the entrancelight. TheThey tworeach Pokémonthe aresanctuary; passedAsh ontofinds an ExeggutorCyndaquil and theycalls areout carriedto intohim. an oasis insideHowever, the mesa.Pokémon Thewithin twothe Pokémonoasis stareget aroundangry forand a while,horde seeingof that{{p|Beedrill}}, other Pokémon are running around enjoying this place. The Exeggutor calls out{{p|Pidgeotto}} and a {{p|MiltankKrabby}} comessurrounds out of a hole in a treethem. TheMeowth Miltankreveals walksthat upno tohumans them,are greets them and proceedssupposed to herbe work. She places a hoofhere, onthough Cyndaquil's swollen nose and her tail startstries to glowreassure alongMiltank withof herAsh’s hoofintentions. andAsh then Cyndaquil,decides the swellonly gone in an instant. She then does theway sameis to Meowthjump and hishe nosedoes injuryso, goesfollowed awayby as wellPikachu. SeeingThey thatreach theythe aren'tlower coming outlevel, Jessie and James make a run for it tobut the entrance,Pokémon butin the Exeggutorsanctuary usekeep {{m|Hypnosis}}Cyndaquil and leadAsh themaway outfrom fareach awayother.
TheTeam gangRocket findssuddenly thearrives mesain andtheir seepatched up balloon. Meowth pleads with his teammates to leave, but Jessie and James, butare theyset juston walktaking bythe Pokémon in the sanctuary. BrockTeam takesRocket asend noticeout ofall thetheir ExeggutorPokémon, inbut theMeowth stops distancethem, asaying directthat approachhe wondoesn't workwant any harm to come to Miltank. BrockThis usesmakes {{TP|Brock|Onix}}all andof theyTeam {{m|dig}}Rocket's undergroundPokémon tostop theand mesaalso disobey Jessie and James. ElsewhereFinding this useless, Jessie and James suddenlycall slamthem intoback ato stonetheir monolithic[[Poké objectBall]]s and snapdecide outto oftake itMiltank by force. SeeingJames thatshoots theyout area backnet toand theircaptures Miltank, but Meowth grabs onto the net and climbs into the balloon. TheyJessie soonand getJames angryrestrain nowMeowth before he can do anything. Ash tells Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower and it does so, only cutting the rope that theyheld arethe innet. Ash quickly sends out {{AP|Bayleef}} to use {{m|Razor Leaf}} to cut the middlenet ofso nowhereMiltank can get out, butMiltank Jameslanding suggestsafely theyin gothe forwater. Ash finishes the Team by a littlejolt of {{m|Thunderbolt}} by Pikachu, which sends ridethem overflying theresky-high.
TheAsh gangis makes itglad to a tunnel with a river, and Brock points out they should follow the light. They reach the sanctuary; Ash findssee Cyndaquil and calls out to him. However, the Pokémon within the mesa get angryagain and groupsthat of {{p|Beedrill}}, {{p|Pidgeotto}} and {{p|Krabby}} surround them. Ash decides the only wayit is tofeeling jumpmuch and he does so, followed by Pikachubetter. They get to the surface, but theThe Pokémon in the sanctuary won'tcome letto Cyndaquil go torespect Ash and vice-versa.his Teamfriends Rocketwhen suddenlythey arrivespromise andto decidesnot totell takeanyone theelse Pokémon inabout the sanctuary. They sendgroup heads out theirtowards Pokémon,Olivine but Meowth stops them,City saying that he doesn't want any harm to come to Miltank. This makes all of Team Rocket's Pokémon stop and disobey Jessie and James. Finding this useless, Jessie and James call them back and decide to take Miltank by force. James shoots out a net and captures Miltank, but Meowth grabs onto the net and climbs. Jessie and James restrain Meowth before he could do anything. Ash tells Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower and it does so, only cutting the rope that held the net. Ash quickly sends out {{AP|Bayleef}} to use {{m|Razor Leaf}} to cut the net so Miltank can get out, Miltank landing safely in the water. Ash finishes the Team by a jolt of {{m|Thunderbolt}} by Pikachu, which sends them flyingtheir sky-highgoodbyes.
Ash is glad to see Cyndaquil again and that it is feeling much better. The Pokémon in the sanctuary come to respect Ash and his friends when they promise to not tell anyone else about the sanctuary. They head out towards Olivine City saying their goodbyes.
==Major events==