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As {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} are walking along a road towards the next town, a [[Transportation in the Pokémon world|blimp]] flies over them. They follow it to the airstrip where a lot of other people, including journalists have already gathered around. AOne manmale reporter explains that the blimp, the Blue"Leviathan MayTwo", is a luxury cruise andon isits twomaiden hundredvoyage metersaround inthe lengthworld. The captain then suddenly walksemerges outfrom the blimp and asks for anyone who knows how to apply medical treatment, prompting Ash and his friends to volunteer.
They board the blimp and are introduced to two women, [[Madison and Alexa]]. {{an|Brock}} is immediately overcome with emotions and asks them to be his girlfriends, whosethough {{an|Misty}} spares them any further embarrassment and drags Brock away. The two sisters explain that their {{p|Kecleon}}, [[nickname]]d Greeny and Reddy, are beingfeeling rather odd. They reveal themselves, seemingly tired, and lazily hop off the vaseplanter pot to the ground. {{an|Brock}} gives ais quick examinationto diagnose the pair with motion sickness and then gets out some medicine. After giving one eachpill to each of the Kecleon, he provides them a piece of homemade [[Pokémon food]]; this combination restores their health. Meanwhile, {{TRT}} plans to hijack the blimp for their own recreational use, but when they breach the cockpit, they are unable to drive it. As a result, they change their plan and decide to loot the blimp.
Meanwhile, {{TRT}} plans to hijack the blimp for their own recreational use, but when they breach the cockpit, they are unable to drive it. As a result, they change their plan and decide to loot the blimp. As Ash and Misty show their Pokémon to Madison and Alexa, Team Rocket finds Madison and Alexa's roomstateroom and startsstart rummaging through it, with {{MTR}} eventually finding the women's jewelry box. Greeny suddenly snatches it with hisits tongue and keeps it in hisits mouth, prompting Team Rocket to attack him. However, both Greeny and Reddy escape after an attendant accidentally stumbles upon the scene. SoonHe soon alerts Alexa, Madison and Ash's group learns that the Kecleon are missing,. whilstAnother Teamair Rocketsteward disguisesinforms themselvesthe assisters attendantsthat toone sneakof bythe Kecleon have stolen a gentleman's first aid kit. The group offers to assist the blimpsisters in finding their Kecleon.
Ash and the others are walking down a metallic hallway when Pikachu notices a red zigzag shape on the wall. They search a dining hall, where Pikachu notices another red zigzag that is moving slightly. It turns out to be Greeny, who flees. The group follows after it, but are unable to spot Greeny, who is hiding on the ceiling above them. Meanwhile, Team Rocket, who have donned air steward uniforms to go undetected, look inside a storage room and {{MTR}} finds Reddy. [[Jessie]] forces Reddy to open its mouth, but it has a first aid kit instead. Greeny then runs by, followed by the gang. Reddy and Greeny both run off and Team Rocket is forced to hide inside a crate. The group inspects this cargo area, and Ash unknowingly squashes Team Rocket who are hiding in the crate he is sitting on. An air steward alerts the group to another Kecleon sighting, and they leave the room just as {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} makes an unannounced appearance, breaking the box open.
TeamThe Rocketgroup findsrushes aoutside, storagewhere roomthe andsisters looksalert insidethem to Greeny, findingwho is climbing on the Reddyblimp. GreenyBrock thenrushes runsup bythe cherry picker lift to retrieve Greeny, followedbut byBrock thenarrowly gangmisses. ReddyGreeny climbs higher, and Brock jumps onto the blimp in desperation, but Greeny bothcrawls runaway offagain. andAt the top of the blimp Greeny meets Team Rocket. isIt forcedmanages to hidelose intothem, aafter cratethe trio slips off the blimp's side. Eventually,Greeny {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}}slips unintentionallydown getsa released,rope breakingand rushes into the boxair lounge with Ash's group and the sisters following after it.
ThenMeanwhile, Ash'sGreeny groupand headsReddy outsiderun into Team Rocket in another storage room. In response, they start tossing the blimpboxes in their mouths back and seesforth Greenyvery fast, with Reddy ending up onwith the balloonjewelry box. BrockTeam goesRocket afterare himleft andconfused. gets[[James]] totries thea topmagic oftrick thewith a bottle blimpcap, butand Greenyhe crawlsasks away[[Jessie]] fromto hispick reachwhich hand the bottle cap is in. FrustratedShe is, Brockhowever, jumpsunimpressed ontoand stomps on James. This allows the balloonKecleon itselfduo to make another getaway. GreenyThe simplygroup continuesspots climbingthe upfleeing Kecleon and rushes after them, butonly Teamto crash into the Rocket catchestrio. sightHaving ofbeen himdiscover, andTeam itRocket runsperforms offtheir {{motto}}. GreenyJames eventuallycalls on his stops{{TP|James|Weezing}} atfor a steep{{m|Smokescreen}}. partAsh oforders his {{AP|Noctowl}} to blow the blimpsmoke away, which makesbut Team Rocket sliphave already offfled the balloonscene.
Brock suggests they split up, and the group does so. Brock imagines the affection he will receive from Madison and Alexa, but he becomes embarrassed when Reddy and Greeny are staring directly at him during this. The two Kecleon soonthen meetflee outside, climbbut down,this time the crew and runthe other guests intosurround the airporttroublemakers. terminal,The withsisters attend to the group,Kecleon Madisonand ask for the boxes to be returned, andhowever AlexaTeam givingRocket chasearrive on the scene demanding the Pokémon. TheyJessie soonis decidedetermined to splitget upthe toKecleon coverand morecalls groundon her {{TP|Jessie|Arbok}} for assistance. Meanwhile,[[Ash's GreenyBayleef]] misses with {{m|Vine Whip}} and ReddyArbok runcounters intowith Team{{m|Headbutt}}. Rocket{{TP|Misty|Poliwhirl}} inthen anothercomes storageout roomand uses its own Headbutt on Arbok. InJames responsesends out {{TP|James|Victreebel}}, theywhich startuses tossing{{m|Razor theirLeaf}}. contentsGreeny inand theirReddy mouthsjoin backthe {{pkmn|battle}} and forthdeflects verythe fast,leaves with their tails. Arbok goes for a {{m|Wrap}}, but Reddy endinguses upa with{{m|Lick}} theattack Brockstop Arbok, which also findsreleases boththe Kecleon,jewelry andbox. heMeowth chasesgoes after themit, forbut aPoliwhirl whileattacks beforehim meetingwith up{{m|Double withSlap}}. AshVictreebel andmoves, Theybut chaseGreeny themuses backa outsideLick andattack on Victreebel. Then, both Kecleon getuse {{m|Psybeam}} to push the two Pokémon back to their corneredowners. However,Bayleef lassos Team Rocket attackswith beforeanother GreenyVine Whip and Reddysends couldthem beblasting capturedoff.
AshAlexa sendsreturns outthe {{AP|Bayleef}}first againstaid [[Jessie'skit Arbok]].to Bayleefthe missesgentlemen, withwho {{m|Vineis Whip}}simply andgrateful Arbokto countershave it with {{m|Headbutt}}. {{TP|Misty|Poliwhirl}} then comes out and uses its own Headbutt onhim Arbokagain. JamesSoon sendsthe out"Leviathan {{TP|James|Victreebel}},Two" which uses {{m|Razor Leaf}}.takes Greenyoff and Reddy join the battle and deflects the leaves with their tails. Arbok goes for a {{m|Wrap}}, but Reddy usestwo asisters {{m|Lick}}wave attackgoodbye to stop Arbok, which also releases the jewelry boxgroup. MeowthAsh goesand afterhis it,friends butare Poliwhirl attacks him with {{m|Double Slap}}. Victreebel moves in, but Greeny uses a Lick attackback on Victreebel. Then, both Kecleon use {{m|Psybeam}} to push the tworoad Pokémononce backagain to their[[Olivine owners. Bayleef next uses another Vine Whip and tosses Team Rocket out into the skyCity]].
The blimp takes off soon afterward and the group heads off to [[Olivine City]] for their next destination.
==Major events==
* {{an|Giovanni}} ([[Boss fantasy|fantasy]])
* [[Madison and Alexa]]
* Journalists
* Blimp captain
* Air stewards
* Gentlemen
* Other Leviathan Two guests