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Malamar (anime)

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Personality and characteristics
==Personality and characteristics==
Unlike most Pokémon, Malamar is a cruel and evil Pokémon with a mysterious and dark past. Despite its surprisingly ambitious plans of world domination, it is aware of its limitationslimits and surrounds itself with others to avoid direct confrontation. Manipulation and deceit are key to Malamar's plans: [[Officer Jenny]] was used as a mouthpiece, while [[Jessie]] and [[James]] provided Malamar with crucial insight.
It enjoys control, using {{m|Hypnosis}} to manipulate a person or Pokémon's mind and {{m|Psychic}} to physically move its pawns around. Despite its overwhelming powers and menacing persona, {{pkmn|Trainer}}s with a strong bond with their Pokémon, such as {{Ash}} and {{AP|Pikachu}} or James and {{TP|James|Inkay}}, are able to break free of Malamar's hypnotic control, or by inflicting pain on themselves as seen in {{MTR}}'s case.