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Goldeen (Pokémon)

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Goldeen is a white, fish-like Pokémon with orange markings on its tail, back, and fins. It has acircular thinblue dorsaleyes finwith orange lids and longprominent pectoralpink finslips. ItsOn dorsalits andforehead pectoralis finsa arelarge quite stronghorn, allowingwhich itis tolarger maintainon a steadymale speedthan ofon fivea knotsfemale. whileIt swimminghas upstream.a Goldeen'ssmall, caudalwavy {{wp|dorsal fin}} is admiredsurrounded by manyan fororange itspatch beautyand aslong it{{wp|fish billowsfin|pectoral veryfins}} muchwith likeorange amarkings ballroomat the dressbases. ItsGoldeen's circularbillowing eyestail arefin blue,is orange around the base and itturns haswhite pinktoward lipsthe edges. OnIts its foreheadtail is aadmired largeby horn,many whichfor isits largerbeauty onand thesimilarity maleto thana onballroom the femaledress.
ItGoldeen has a wild temperament, and will use its horn to smash its way to freedom if kept in an aquarium. It competes with others of its kind to determine which has the strongest, thickest horn. Humans swimming near it must exercise caution lest Goldeen ram them. Goldeen is a very common sight in any body of {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Water's-edge Pokémon|fresh water}}, including ponds, lakes, and rivers. It can be seen swimming upstream in large schools during the breeding season in spring. Its strong fins allow it to maintain a steady speed of five knots while swimming upstream. In the past, {{m|Waterfall}} was its [[signature move]].
==In the anime==