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Chansey (Pokémon)

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Chansey is a pink, ovoid Pokémon with stubby arms and dark pink feet. ThereIt arehas tiny eyes and three hair-like growths on theeach sidesside of its head,. tippedThe withtufts aof darkerhair shadehave ofdark pink tips. On the center of its belly is a dark pink pouch that contains a single white egg. ItsThe armsegg areis stubby,said to be very nutritious and it haslays small,a darkseveral pinknew feetones every day. AdditionallyFinally, it has a short tail. It Chansey is a female-only species with no male counterpart.
A kindhearted Pokémon, Chansey layswill severalshare nutritiousits eggs everywith day,injured whichpeople itand carefullyPokémon. carriesThis inis itsthe pouch.basis Afor kindheartedits Pokémon[[signature move]], it will {{m|Soft-Boiled|share these eggs}} with injured people and Pokémon. The eggs become more delicious if Chansey is raised with love and care. Due to its egg being overharvested, Chansey is extremely rare in the wild, and is said to bring good luck and happiness to those who manage to catch it. It is more commonly found in {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Urban Pokémon|urban settings.}} Fleeing from those seeking its egg has made it a fast runner.
==In the anime==