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==Major events==
* [[Nebby]] and the other {{p|Cosmoem}} [[Evolution|evolve]] into {{p|Lunala}} and {{p|Solgaleo}}, respectively.
* A small army of [[Ultra Beast]]s converge at the [[Poni Altar]], forcing everyone to fight them off.
* {{adv|Sun}} confronts [[Faba]] about the island the [[Aether Foundation]] took from his late [[Sun's great-grandfather|great-grandfather]], only to find that the island was converted to [[Aether Paradise]], making the five years Sun spent to gather money entirely pointless.
* A {{p|Necrozma}}'s hand emerges from an [[Ultra Wormhole]] and grabs Solgaleo, fusing with it.
* The possessed Solgaleo grabs Sun and drags him into the wormhole with it while {{adv|Moon}} and Lunala chase after them.
* Six months later, [[Lusamine]] is seen spending time with a group of Ultra Beasts on [[Poni Island]].