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|series=[[Pokémon Adventures]]
|location=[[Ancient Poni Path]]/<br>[[Poni Wilds]]/<br>[[Vast Poni Canyon]]
==Major events==
* {{p|Crabominable}} returns, asking to join [[Hapu]]'s [[team]]. When Hapu refuses and suggests it join {{adv|Sun}}, Crabominable reluctantly agrees and is named[[Nickname]]d Dong.
* Hapu reveals she is in possession of the [[Moon Flute]].
* [[Gladion]] and [[Lillie]] head to the [[Poni Altar]], but are attacked by a {{p|Xurkitree}}.
* [[Faba]] and the {{tc|Aether Foundation Employee}}s arrive at [[Vast Poni Canyon]] and split into two groups: one to capture Hapu, and the other to head to the Poni Altar.
* [[Plumeria]] confronts Faba, demanding to know where [[Guzma]] was taken to.
* Plumeria reveals she has the {{p|Cosmog}} Guzma received from the [[Aether Foundation]], though it has since [[Evolution|evolved]] into a {{p|Cosmoem}}.
* {{adv|Moon}} and {{FB|Salon Maiden|Anabel}} arrive to confront Faba.
* Faba has the Employees battle in his place while he tries to escape.