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The sudden explosion of Toren's stolen {{a|Effect Spore}} solution and the subsequent blaze led Risa to join forces with Ash and the others. She initially stayed with Margo and Ash to help treat the [[wild Pokémon]], but Ash encouraged her to rush over to the pedestal and return the stolen eternal flame in the hopes of summoning {{OBP|Lugia|M21}}. Risa was initially hesitant, but after seeing her injured Eevee limp towards her with the baton in hand, she overcame her fear and accepted the task. Her fast pace and Rick's unexpected assistance helped Risa reach the pedestal just in time to summon Lugia, who went on to {{m|Rain Dance|put out the blaze}}.
Risa later attended the [[Wind Festival]]'s closing ceremony with Ash and the others. Afterwards, she visited Rick in the hospital and demanded to know how he knew where she was. Rick was left speechless, but didn't answer the question.
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