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Appendix:Metagame terminology

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Refers to a {{p|Ninjask}} that has been [[cheating|hacked]] to have the Ability {{a|No Guard}} and the move {{m|Sheer Cold}}, intended to be used in the {{cat|battle[[Battle areasfacility|battle facilities}}]] due to being the fastest non-[[Mythical Pokémon]] in the game.
Refers to a {{p|Walrein}} appearing in numerous {{cat|battle[[Battle areasfacility|battle facilities}}]] that includes [[one-hit knockout move]]s {{m|Sheer Cold}} and {{m|Fissure}}. In the [[Battle Frontier (Generation III)|Battle Frontier]] of {{game|Emerald}}, it is also holding a [[Quick Claw]].
====Inverse Avalugg====
Refers to a {{p|Garchomp}} set that includes the [[held item]] [[Choice Scarf]]. It is featured in several {{cat|battle[[Battle areasfacility|battle facilities}}]] found in the games.
Refers to {{p|Durant}} set includes the Ability {{a|Truant}} and the move {{m|Entrainment}}. As the opponent in several {{cat|battle[[Battle areasfacility|battle facilities}}]] switches only under very specific circumstances, this strategy allows the player to switch another Pokémon, use {{m|Protect}} when being attacked, and attack/set up when the opponent's Pokémon is loafing due to the Ability Truant transferred via Entrainment.