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==In the games==
Ribbons were first introduced in [[Generation III]]. In Generation III, the large majority were obtained by competing in and winning [[Pokémon Contest]]s, but in later generations, a larger variety of Ribbons have been added. Besides competing in Contests, some Ribbons are awarded for conquering special {{cat[[Battle facility|battle areas}}facilities]] like the [[Battle Tower]], others are obtainable from various NPCs in-game, and some are only distributed on [[event Pokémon]]. In Generation III, Ribbons also had no names, they only had unique icons and descriptions.
In the [[Generation V]] games, there are no ways to earn any Ribbons in-game, but Pokémon distributed through events could have Ribbons, and Pokémon transferred from a previous generation also retained their Ribbons.
====Tower Ribbons====
{{main|List of Ribbons in the games#Tower Ribbons|List of Ribbons in the games → Tower Ribbons}}
'''Tower Ribbons''' (Japanese: '''タワーリボン''' ''Tower Ribbons'') are awarded to Pokémon that have been used to conquer various challenges in certain {{cat|[[Battle areasfacility|battle facilities}}]].
* In Generation III, the facility is the {{gdis|Battle Tower|III}} located in an island in [[Hoenn]]'s southeastern sea, only accessible by [[S.S. Tidal|boat]].