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List of clothing in the anime

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===Main outfits===
====Main series====
All of Ash's main outfits are highlighted by [[Ash's hat|his hat]]. They often strongly feature the colors red and blue, along with black, white, green and golden yellow. These are primary and bold colors, accenting Ash's primary status in the series.
=====Original series=====
[[File:Ash anime art.png|thumb|left|120px|Ash's first outfit]]
One of the curious notes about Ash's first outfit is that, unlike many of his friends, it is a unique outfit design in its own right, but is also directly inspired by {{ga|Red}}'s. This fact is also echoed by the outfits of {{an|Brock}} and {{an|Misty}}, which were designed purely for the {{pkmn|anime}} instead of using the outfits seen in the games themselves, and also the artwork for the games.
Ash wore this outfit from ''[[EP001|Pokémon - I Choose You!]]'' to ''[[EP273|Gotta Catch Ya Later!]]''.
=====''Advanced Generation'' series=====
[[File:Ash AG 3.png|thumb|left|120px|Ash's second outfit]]
Ash's second outfit was the first alternate main outfit to be seen on any character, and by default, the least expected. Brock and Misty's second outfits would not debut until several episodes after Ash's did. This outfit was given to Ash as a gift by [[Delia Ketchum|his mother]] in ''[[EP273|Gotta Catch Ya Later!]]''.
Ash wore this outfit from ''[[EP274|Hoenn Alone!]]'' to ''[[DP003|When Pokémon Worlds Collide!]]''. Ash has worn this outfit in more different series than any other, wearing it during three different series.
=====''Diamond & Pearl'' series=====
[[File:Ash DP.png|thumb|left|120px|Ash's third outfit]]
Based on the example set by the {{series|Advanced Generation}}, most fans were expecting Ash to wear a new outfit at the start of the {{series|Diamond & Pearl}}.
Ash wore this outfit from ''[[DP003|When Pokémon Worlds Collide!]]'' to ''[[DP191|Memories Are Made of Bliss]]''.
=====''Best Wishes'' series=====
[[File:Ash Ketchum BW.png|thumb|left|120px|Ash's fourth outfit]]
As expected, Ash has received a new outfit for the {{series|Best Wishes}}. Outfit changes are now accepted as routine if and when the anime changes sagas.
Ash wore this outfit from ''[[BW001|In The Shadow of Zekrom!]]'' to ''[[BW142|The Dream Continues!]]''.
=====''XY'' series=====
[[File:Ash XY 4.png|thumb|left|120px|Ash's fifth outfit]]
Ash's outfit possessed some similarities to the outfit worn by {{ga|Calem}} from the games, with some differences. Ash uses a backpack instead of a satchel, like his Best Wishes outfit. The jacket that Calem wears has been shortened into a collared shirt for Ash, and a black undershirt is visible, both worn very much in the same style as {{ga|Red}}'s Generation III outfit. Ash wears red high top sneakers, similar to those worn in the ''Best Wishes'' series, and darker blue jeans. The backpack is one pocket, colored green with a white, slanted Poké Ball design on it, similar to previous generations. The gloves are the same as those from his fourth outfit.
=====''Sun & Moon'' series=====
[[File:Ash_SM.png|thumb|left|120px|Ash's sixth outfit, with his original Z-Ring]]
This outfit is almost identical to the outfit worn by {{ga|Elio}} in {{g|Sun and Moon}}, with the coloring of the shirt being inverted and the hat being recolored from black to red, in keeping with the usual color scheme of Ash's head wear. This outfit deviates from Ash's previous styles in many ways; Ash no longer wears jeans, instead wearing ribbed capri shorts with a red border, he now wears only a t-shirt with no jacket or hoodie over the top, and he no longer wears gloves and socks. His shoes are blue and are modeled after those worn by people to stand in water. His backpack, shorts, and shoes are all identical to Elio's.
====Alternate movie continuity====
This section deals with the main outfits worn by the [[Ash Ketchum (M20)|alternate version of Ash]] who appeared in the twentieth, twenty-first, and twenty-secondfirst Pokémon movies.
=====''I Choose You!''=====
[[File:Ash M20.png|thumb|left|120px|{{OBP|Ash Ketchum|M20|Ash}}'s outfit from [[M20|the twentieth movie]]]]
This outfit from ''[[M20|I Choose You!]]'', which retells parts of Ash's journey during the earliest episodes of the original series, is nearly identical to his original outfit, with certain parts of its design slightly altered. His hat now bears a logo similar to the one he has on his {{series|Sun and Moon}} hat, except it is colored green and a part of the upper section is missing, which gives it a similar appearance to the old logo.
In ''[[M21|The Power of Us]]'', which is set in the same continuity as ''[[M20|I Choose You!]]'', Ash has another new outfit, this time unlike anything seen in the main series. Besides continuing to wear the same hat that he wore in the previous movie, this outfit consists of a light-blue and white jacket with a large red collar, which in turn has a single yellow line across the center, and a similarly-colored trim at the bottom of said jacket. His jacket is kept open to reveal a black shirt, looser-fitting than that of his previous outfit. The bottom half has him sporting grey capri shorts with a thin white line coming down both sides, and blue sneakers with orange laces. His usual fingerless gloves are black with a blue line across the cuff. His backpack is dark blue and black with a small Poké Ball design on it.
In [[M22]], which is a completely CGI remake of ''[[M01|Mewtwo Strikes Back]]'', Ash is once again seen wearing an outfit that is nearly identical to the one he wore in the original series, while also taking cues from the version he wore in ''I Choose You!'' Ash's trademark cap has returned to bearing the green "L" shape symbol of its original counterpart, while also featuring the minor addition of red eyelets around the top. Like his ''I Choose You!'' outfit, his jacket consists of horizontal pockets, a small gold stripe near the bottom, and a smaller collar, but is now also its original shade of blue, and the second top button has also returned, and alterations exclusive to this iteration include a zipper, and visible seams. His t-shirt has returned to its original dark cyan color, but is still untucked, leaving his belt covered.
From his ''I Choose You!'' outfit, he retains his green Kalos-styled backpack bearing the same logo as his cap, along with the blue jeans sporting cuffs around the ankles, and the same sneaker design. As with both versions, he retains his green, fingerless gloves.
===Side outfits===