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POP Series 9 (TCG)

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Rotom is a normal cracked ice holo in this set, and Raichu is a reverse cracked ice holo
*The booster pack design features {{p|Garchomp}}.
*Several Canadian Leagues awarded packs to players at the end of February, earlier than the intended release date.
*The rare card {{TCG ID|POP Series 9|Rotom|5}} also had a holographic version that came in the Rising Rivals Value Pack,; anda reverse holographic version of {{TCG ID|POP Series 9|Raichu|3}} came in the Supreme Victors Value Pack.
*The rare cards {{TCG ID|POP Series 9|Regigigas|4}} and {{TCG ID|POP Series 9|Manaphy|2}} also have a holographic version, both came on Supreme Victors blisters.
*The uncommon card {{TCG ID|POP Series 9|Lopunny|9}} has a holo version that came in the Arceus Blister pack.
{{Setlist/entry|3/17|{{TCG ID|POP Series 9|Raichu|3}}|Lightning|||Cracked Ice Reverse Holo Supreme Victors Blisters (August 19, 2009)}}
{{Setlist/entry|4/17|{{TCG ID|POP Series 9|Regigigas|4}}|Colorless|||Cosmo Holo Supreme Victors Blisters (August 19, 2009)}}
{{Setlist/entry|5/17|{{TCG ID|POP Series 9|Rotom|5}}|Lightning|||Cracked Ice Reverse Holo Rising Rivals Blisters (May 20, 2009)}}
{{Setlist/entry|9/17|{{TCG ID|POP Series 9|Lopunny|9}}|Colorless|||Cosmo Holo Arceus Blisters (November 4, 2009)}}