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In ''[[AG001|Get the Show on the Road!]]'', Ash was willing to get Pikachu some help regarding taking care of the illness. He met up with [[Professor Birch]], who took Pikachu to his lab. Even though they were able to strap him to the machine to drain out the overload electricity he received, the machine exploded as the electricity levels were too high. Pikachu then ran off, with Ash and Professor Birch chasing after him. Eventually, Ash managed to find Pikachu, but in his confused state, Pikachu attacked him, and fled towards the end of a cliff. As Pikachu fell off the cliff, Ash fearlessly jumped after him, and managed to catch him, and grab a branch. Pikachu tried resisting, but Ash was able to get through, and calm him down. When Ash and Pikachu were pulled up to safety, Team Rocket arrived. Their [[Team Rocket's mechas|mecha]] accidentally cured Pikachu of his illness, and he was able to blast them off, destroying {{an|May}}'s bike in the process.
In ''[[AG003|There's no Place like Hoenn]]'', Ash used Pikachu in an unofficial 1-on-1 battle against [[Norman]], since Ash only had one Pokémon at the time instead of the three required. In the end, Norman's {{p|Vigoroth}} proved to be a tough opponent, dodgingdefeated Pikachu's attacks with ease,a and hitting him hard withseries multipleof {{m|Scratch}} attacks. Pikachu managed to successfully hit Vigoroth with Quick Attack, but Vigoroth hit him again, and defeated him with one final Scratch. After their match, Team Rocket tried to steal Pikachu and Vigoroth, but accidentally stole {{TP|May|Torchic}} instead. Later, Pikachu was used alongside Norman's Vigoroth to battle Team Rocket, and blasted them off in addition to rescuing Torchic.
In ''[[AG013|All Things Bright and Beautifly!]]'', Ash began teaching Pikachu Iron Tail in preparation for his [[Rustboro Gym]] battle, a {{type|Rock}} Gym, and got help from a {{pkmn|Coordinator}} named {{an|Chaz}} and his {{p|Sentret}}. Despite their effort and training, Pikachu was still unable to fully master Iron Tail.
In ''[[AG016|The Winner by a Nosepass]]'', Pikachu was Ash's last Pokémon used in his Gym battle against [[Roxanne]], where he waswent sent outup against her {{p|Geodude}} and eventually defeated it. Pikachu startedthen offfaced using[[Roxanne's ThunderNosepass]], towho flattentook theadvantage rockyof battlefield.his Geodudedifficulties counteredin withmastering {{m|RockIron Throw}},Tail which Pikachuand managed to dodgeimpair usinghis Quicksight Attack,with only{{m|Sandstorm}}. toEventually, endAsh uphad rightPikachu incharge fronttowards ofNosepass Geodude.and Thislet gavehim Geodudetake theits chance{{m|Zap toCannon}}, hitcausing himPikachu hardto withabsorb a Megathe Punchelectricity. AsPikachu Geodudethen usedtackled RolloutNosepass, toreleasing finishthe Pikachuelectricity off,at itNosepass gotand stuckcausing andit couldn'tto executebecome its{{status|Paralysis|paralyzed}}. attackAfterwards, becausePikachu ofdefeated theNosepass flattenedwith Pikachufinal usedIron thisTail, opportunityfinally tomastering getthe closemove usingin Quickthe Attackprocess, andas hitwell Geodudeas withearning aAsh powerfulthe Thunder, defeating it{{badge|Stone}}.
Pikachu then faced [[Roxanne's Nosepass]]. Pikachu started off using Iron Tail, which managed to successfully hit Nosepass. After dodging Nosepass's attack, Pikachu went for a second Iron Tail, but failed this time. Nosepass then used {{m|Rock Tomb}} to trap Pikachu, but he managed to break free using Thunder. Nosepass then countered with {{m|Sandstorm}}, deteriorating Pikachu's sight. However, Nosepass was able to sense Pikachu using its electromagnetic nose, and managed to slam its body into him. Nosepass then tried to stomp on Pikachu, but he managed to avoid it by using Quick Attack. After using Quick Attack again to dodge Nosepass's Rock Tomb, Pikachu used Quick Attack to run around Nosepass in order to confuse it. He was able to get behind Nosepass, and used Iron Tail, only to fail once again. Nosepass then went for Thunder Wave, which Pikachu barely avoided. Ash then had Pikachu charge towards Nosepass and let him take its {{m|Zap Cannon}}, causing Pikachu to absorb the electricity. Pikachu then tackled Nosepass, releasing the electricity at Nosepass, causing it to become {{status|Paralysis|paralyzed}}. Pikachu defeated Nosepass with one final Iron Tail, finally mastering the move in the process, as well as earning Ash the {{badge|Stone}}.
In ''[[AG040|Watt's with Wattson?]]'', Ash and his friends arrived at [[Mauville City]] and immediately proceeded to the [[Mauville Gym]]. Inside the group encountered a robot {{p|Raikou}}. Thinking it would attack, Ash ordered Pikachu to attack the robot with Iron Tail, causing an explosion. This destroyed the robot, but also overcharged Pikachu with electricity, unbeknownst to the rest, however. Later, Pikachu was Ash's first Pokémon used in his Gym Battlebattle against [[Wattson]]. Pikachu first faced Wattson's Magnemite. Due to being overcharged, Pikachu defeated Magnemite with a single Thunderbolt after dodging a {{m|Swift}} attack. Next, Pikachu battled Wattson's Magnemite, {{p|Voltorb}}, and also managed to easily defeat itMagneton with another Thunderbolt. Getting agitated, Wattson sent out his Magneton and ordered it to use Zap Cannon. Pikachu easily managed to overpower thisone attack with Thunder, which also knocked Magneton outeach, earning Ash the {{badge|Dynamo}}.
In ''[[AG056|Going, Going, Yawn]]'', Ash used Pikachu as his third Pokémon in his [[Lavaridge Gym]] battle. He was sent out against [[Flannery]]'s {{p|Slugma}}, after it had {{status|Burn|burned}} {{AP|Treecko}}, and put {{AP|Corphish}} to {{status|Sleepsleep}}. AfterDuring using Quick Attack to dodgethe Flamethrowerbattle, he finally broke {{p|Magcargo}}'s Reflect that was affecting previous battles. Then, Slugma used {{m|Smog}} to cover itself.When Pikachu, however, was ablestarted to sensegain it,the and used Iron Tail. Slugma managed toupper dodgehand, and hit him with a Flamethrower. Pikachu then used Thunderbolt and although it looked like it initially missed, it electrified the Smog, harming Slugma. Flannery called for a {{m|Yawn}}, but Ash unwilling for that to happen, had Pikachu use Quick Attack, hitting it before Yawn could be executed, and then finished Slugma off with Thunder. Ash kept Pikachu in when Flannery used her last Pokémon, {{p|Torkoal}}. PikachuAfter used Thunderbolt, but it wasrepeatedly blockedalternating bybetween {{m|Iron Defense}}. Then, Pikachu dodged a Flamethrower and used Iron Tail, but it was blocked by Iron Defense as well. Torkoal then used {{m|Sludge Bomb}}, whichto hitkeep Pikachu.the Pikachuupper tried attacking with Thunderhand, but his attack was blocked by Iron Defense once again. Torkoal then used {{m|Overheat}} to defeat Pikachu.
In ''[[AG070|Balance of Power]]'', Ash used Pikachu as his first Pokémon in his official [[Petalburg Gym]] battle against Norman., and Hehe went up against {{p|Slakoth}}. Pikachu used Quick Attack on SlakothEventually, which was avoided. After dodging a {{m|Shadow Ball}}, Pikachu used Iron Tail, only to be dodged as well, dazing Pikachu. Slakoth then used's {{m|Hidden PowerBlizzard}}, whichtemporary Pikachu tried to destroy the attack with Thunderbolt, but failed and was hit by the circling Hidden Power.disabled Pikachu tried hitting Slakoth with Thunder, butforcing this was dodged as well. Slakoth then countered with {{m|Blizzard}}, disabling Pikachuhim to move. Being unable to move, Pikachu wasbe recalled. Later, Pikachu was sent out against Norman's Vigoroth. Pikachu used Thunderbolt, but Vigoroth swiftly dodged the attack, and launched a Scratch attack. However, Pikachu successfully blocked the attack with Iron Tail, but Vigoroth quickly recovered, and launched a Flamethrower, dealing much damage. Pikachu's electricity gavethen inspired Ash anto idea. He gotorder Pikachu to use Quick Attack in order to dodge Vigoroth's Flamethrower. When Vigoroth launched another Scratch, Ash told Pikachu to stop where he was, and let him get hit. This activated Pikachu's Ability {{a|Static}}, paralyzing Vigoroth. This allowed Pikachu to defeat Vigoroth with Iron Tail. However, all this battling took its toll, as Pikachu fainted as well, ending the battle in a draw.
In ''[[AG085|Sky High Gym Battle!]]'', Pikachu was Ash's second Pokémon used in his [[Fortree Gym]] battle against [[Winona]]. Pikachu battled against Winona's {{p|Pelipper}}, and despite thehaving major type- advantage, Pelipper proved to be a formidable opponent, being able to use {{m|Steel Wing}} as a lightning rod to conduct Pikachu's Electric-type attacks to the ground, thus preventing damage. After Pikachu got hit by a Quick Attack, Ash decided Pikachu should fight at close- range, and told him to use Quick Attack to get closer. However, this gave Pelipper the opportunity to hit Pikachu hard with a Hydro Pump. HoweverIn spite of this, Pikachu stood his ground, and when Pelipper lifted its wing from the ground for a moment, Ash had Pikachu use Thunder on Pelipper. With both Pokémon being hit by powerful attacks, Pikachu and Pelipper both fainted.
In ''[[AG089|A Scare to Remember!]]'', Pikachu developed amnesia after an attack by Team Rocket and their machine. Team Rocket took advantage of this, and tricked Pikachu into joining them. He was then ordered to attack the group. Trying to get Pikachu back, Ash fearlessly jumped on their balloon. Team Rocket ordered Pikachu to hit Ash with Thunderbolt, causing them to get blasted off and causing Ash and Pikachu to fall down in a river. With Ash protecting Pikachu, Pikachu managed to regain his memory, and got rid of Team Rocket once again.
In ''[[AG097|Gaining Groudon]]'', Ash and the group got on a submarine owned by [[Team Magma]], where they met Team Magma's leader, [[Maxie]]. An explosion caused by {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Kyogre (AG)|Kyogre}}, caused the [[Blue Orb]] to fly off Maxie's desk. Pikachu managed to catch the orb before Team Magma could regain it. However, the orb soon started to glow, and melted into Pikachu's body, greatly increasing his power, but also making him lose control over himself. In [[AG098|the next episode]], Pikachu awakened {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Groudon (AG)|Groudon}}, and aided it in its battle with {{p|Kyogre}}. Due to everyone's teamwork, {{p|Groudon}} was able to defeat Kyogre, causing the Blue Orb to emerge from Pikachu's body. Pikachu was then saved from drowning by Kyogre, and later bade it and Groudon farewell.
In ''[[AG100|Solid as a Solrock]]'', Ash used Pikachu and {{AP|Swellow}} in the [[Double Battle]] against [[Tate and Liza]] with their respective {{TP|Tate|Solrock}} and {{TP|Liza|Lunatone}}. SolrockHowever, and Lunatone both started off using Tackle which both scored a direct hit on PikachuTate and Swellow.Liza's Pikachu and Swellow then tried hitting theirteamwork opponents with Quick Attack and {{m|Peck}}, but their attack was dodged, causing thembegan to crashcrumble into planets hanging from the ceiling, and caused them to fall on top of each as they hit the ground. This gavewhen Solrock and Lunatone the opportunity to launch a's {{m|Solar Beam}} and Liza's {{m|Ice Beam}}. Asaccidentally thecollided attackswith wereone aboutanother toand hit their marks, the two beams accidentally collided, cancelingcanceled each other out, causing the twins to quarrel. Ash used this chance to recover, and had Pikachu and Swellow strike the opposing Pokémon with a respective Iron Tail and {{m|Aerial Ace}}. Both Meteorite Pokémon then charged towards Pikachu using Tackle, but Swellow was able to save him in time, causing Solrock and Lunatone to crash into each other. The battle then got interrupted by Team Rocket, who destroyed the gymGym using their machine. Following Team Rocket's defeat, they all agreed to resume their battle outdoors. This time, the twins managed to put their differences aside and stoleworked together as a team. At one point, Swellow dove down from the sky, with Pikachu onboard, to attack, but Solrock and Lunatone hit them with Solar Beam and Ice Beam. Ash thought about how to negate the dual attacks, and then had Pikachu use Thunder on the clouds. Lightning struck Pikachu and Swellow, which the two managed to endure. Once clear, Pikachu and Swellow were coated in a "Thunder Armor". Using this technique, Pikachu and Swellow managed to pierce through Solrock's Solar Beam and Lunatone's {{m|Light Screen}}, and managed to defeat them using Iron Tail and Aerial Ace, earning Ash the {{badge|Mind}}.
After Team Rocket was defeated, they all agreed to resume their battle outdoors. This time, however, the twins managed to put their differences aside and worked together as a team. Ash first had Pikachu use Thunderbolt on Solrock, but his attack was sent back by Lunatone's {{m|Light Screen}}, sending Pikachu flying into a wall. As Swellow tried to attack with Aerial Ace, Solrock used Sandstorm, sending Swellow flying as well. Pikachu then jumped on Swellow's back, and used Thunderbolt again, only to be deflected back by Light Screen again, hitting Pikachu and Swellow hard. Swellow then used Double Team, but Solrock and Lunatone countered using Solar Beam and Ice Beam to wipe out the copies. However, to Tate and Liza's surprise, Pikachu and Swellow got away unscathed. Swellow then dove down from the sky along with Pikachu to attack, but Solrock and Lunatone quickly responded, and hit them with Solar Beam and Ice Beam. Ash thought about how to negate the dual attacks, and then had Pikachu use Thunder on the clouds. Lightning then struck Pikachu and Swellow, which the two managed to endure. Once clear, Pikachu and Swellow were coated in a "Thunder Armor". Using this technique, Pikachu and Swellow managed to pierce through Solrock's Solar Beam and Lunatone's Light Screen, and managed to defeat them using Iron Tail and Aerial Ace, earning Ash the {{badge|Mind}}.
In ''[[AG101|Vanity Affair]]'', Ash used Pikachu against [[Hoenn Elite Four]] member [[Drake]]. Pikachu battled against his {{p|Shelgon}}. Pikachu used Thunderbolt and scored a direct hit. As Pikachu went for a second Thunderbolt, Shelgon used Double-Edge and managed to dodge the attack. Due to Shelgon's low {{stat|Speed}}, Pikachu easily dodged the attack with Quick Attack. When Pikachu was about to finish Shelgon off with Iron Tail, Shelgon had Pikachu come close, and then hit him hard with Dragon Breath. Shelgon then followed up with {{m|Dragon Claw}}, knocking Pikachu out.