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==Personality and characteristics==
[[File:Oshawott avoiding.png|thumb|250px|Oshawott trying to avoid a battle]]
Oshawott's behavior is similar in a way to many of Ash's past Pokémon, notably {{AP|Aipom}} and [[Ash's Bayleef]] as a {{p|Chikorita}}, often attention-seeking and sometimes interfering. This was first shown in ''[[BW003|A Sandile Gusher of Change!]],'' when he wanted to travel with Ash, he jealously knocked Pikachu off Ash's shoulders and pretended that he was as close as Ash was to Pikachu. Then, when Ash was at the Pokémon [[Battle Club]] in ''[[BW004|The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!]]'' battling another Trainer, he came out of his [[Poké Ball]], even though Ash had already clearly chosen Pikachu. However, he promptly changed his mind to battle when he realized that his opponent was {{p|Dewott}}, a Pokémon of his own evolved form. He has done this many other times, which also shows that Oshawott loves to battle, but only against opponents he thinks he can win against. Oshawott is close to Ash and cares a lot about him.
Oshawott acts proud and is a little boastful, but sometimes he can't back it up. He acts a little dramatic when things go wrong, or when he doesn't get his way. Like Ash's Aipom again, he seems to be a bit hyperactive. Oshawott also takes care of his scalchop, as he panics whenever he loses it and when he threw it down in anger in ''[[BW020|Dancing With the Ducklett Trio!]]'', he was happy afterwards when he picked it up and found out he hadn't done any major damage to it. He also gets very angry when someone steals his scalchop, as shown in ''[[BW017|Scraggy-Hatched to be Wild!]]'', when [[Ash's Scraggy]] took his scalchop. He is also shown to be quite lazy sometimes, as shown in ''[[BW015|The Battle According to Lenora!]]'', when he didn't want to battle Lenora's Watchog after just being sent out by {{m|Roar}}.
He also seems to be a little flirtatious, as seen in ''[[BW024|Emolga the Irresistible!]]'', where he fell in love with a wild {{TP|Iris|Emolga}} and in ''[[BW044|Purrloin: Sweet or Sneaky?]]'', where he fell in love with a {{p|Purrloin}} that he thought was female. In ''[[BW051|Lost at the Stamp Rally!]]'', he was enamoured with the dancers at a [[Pokémon Musical]], wandering down to the stage, despite Ash telling him not to. He was briefly in love with a {{p|Vanilluxe}} during ''[[BW081|Crisis at Ferroseed Research!]]'', until she froze his head. He also fell for a {{an|Meloetta}} in ''[[BW085|All for the Love of Meloetta!]]''. In [[BW086|the following episode]], he was enamoured by [[Dawn's Buneary]], until he found out she liked Pikachu. He would always get very jealous whenever another Pokémon is flirting with the Pokémon he likes as seen when {{MTR}} fell in love with Purrloin and [[Dawn's Piplup]] flirts with Meloetta.
He is also shown to be quite gluttonous, occasionally stealing food from friends and strangers. He mostly did this to {{AP|Pignite}} beginning in ''[[BW004|The Battle Club and Tepig's Choice!]]'' when Pignite was a Tepig and continued even after Tepig evolved. This type of action even started a rivalry between the two Unova starters in ''[[BW066|Baffling the Bouffalant!]]'' and ''[[BW098|Beauties Battling for Pride and Prestige!]]'' when they started fighting. Other instances included when Oshawott was eating berries belonging to Beartic and Cubchoo in ''[[BW046|The Beartic Mountain Feud!]]'' and consuming some apples belonging to {{p|Garbodor}} and {{p|Trubbish}} in ''[[BW105|Lost at the League!]]''. He shows little hesitation in doing so and no regret afterwards, until he is caught, usually causing trouble for Ash and the other Pokémon. Sometimes, Oshawott can pop out of his Poké Ball whenever he wants to battle, help out Ash and friends or do something else. Also, Oshawott does care for his friends and would do anything to make them happy or protect them. Despite their usual rivalry, Oshawott and Pignite do get along with each other also they would sometimes work together in battle.
==Moves used==