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{{series|Diamond & Pearl}}
In ''[[DP128|A Pyramiding Rage!]]'', the Battle Pyramid traveled to [[Snowpoint City]] in order for Brandon to investigate the [[Snowpoint Temple]]. [[Paul]] challenged Brandon to a battle, intending to accomplish what his brother [[Reggie]] had failed to achieve, as Reggie had once lost to Brandon, causing him to abandon his career as a {{pkmn|Trainer}} and become a {{tc|Pokémon Breeder}} instead. However, like his brother before him, Paul was defeated without defeating a single opposing Pokémon.
In ''[[DP129|Pillars of Friendship!]]'', after learning of [[J|Pokémon Hunter J]]'s attackingattack on the Snowpoint Temple, Brandon flew the Battle Pyramid to the site, only to be attacked by [[J's henchmen]]'s Pokémon army, damaging one of the pyramid's rotors and forcing it to make an emergency landing.
===Pokémon used in Battle Pyramid===