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SM Era subsets number
Hiya, I believe my numbers are correct. I even double-checked before editing them. The Best of XY subset was not included as one of the numbers, it doesn't appear to have been prior to my edits, otherwise Shining Legends should have been 4th, GX Battle Boost 5th etc. [[User:KevlarX290|KevlarX290]] ([[User talk:KevlarX290|talk]]) 11:42, 8 April 2019 (UTC)
For easier reference, here is the order:
1. Strength Expansion Pack Sun & Moon
2. Facing a New Trial
3. Shining Legends
4. GX Battle Boost
5. Ultra Force
6. Dragon Storm
7. Champion Road
8. Thunderclap Spark
9. Fairy Rise
10. Dark Order
11. GX Ultra Shiny
12. Night Unison
13. Full Metal Wall
14. GG End
15. Sky Legend
[[User:KevlarX290|KevlarX290]] ([[User talk:KevlarX290|talk]]) 11:53, 8 April 2019 (UTC)