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94 bytes added, 01:34, 8 April 2019
Would like to edit an empty page.
:I am attempting to briefly research the use of the empty page as the article linking it was created in January. I would have thought it could fall under the main page. With that said, the reason you are having trouble is because the page is an empty page and I believe you have to be an [[Bulbapedia_talk:Autoconfirmed_users|auto-confirmed user]] to be able to create empty pages. This also would be tied to talk page usage since, naturally, we try not to focus too much on talk page space unless we're creating an article in said space and a user is permitted to edit that page for article preparation. This might be a case where we can allow that, but I want to verify that the page is for sure needed first. If we do use it, perhaps I can create it there and you can edit it out of the main space that way so we can confirm it looks good before moving it in. I'll post further here whatever we do as soon as I have confirmation of our move on this. [[User:CycloneGU|CycloneGU]] ([[User talk:CycloneGU|talk]]) 16:08, 7 April 2019 (UTC)
::Will echo this on your talk page, but the page is now created. Edit away. =) [[User:CycloneGU|CycloneGU]] ([[User talk:CycloneGU|talk]]) 22:56, 7 April 2019 (UTC)
:::Thanks! [[User:Wheaties|Wheaties]] ([[User talk:Wheaties|talk]]) 01:34, 8 April 2019 (UTC)