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* In {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}, if the player chose {{p|Squirtle}}, none of Blue's Pokémon share a type in the Champion rematch, making him the first Champion with this trait. The only other Champion whose Pokémon don't share a type is [[Cynthia]] in {{game|Platinum}}.
* Blue has had two possibly illegal Pokémon:
** In Red and Blue, if his team includes Gyarados, said Gyarados knows both Dragon Rage and Hydro Pump at level 22 (if the player chose Bulbasaur) or level 23 (Squirtle), the latter of which the Pokémon cannot legally learn until level 43. While it is possible for Gyarados to be taught Dragon Rage early via TM (when it naturally learns the move at level 25), no such explanation can be made for it knowing Hydro Pump early.
** In FireRed and LeafGreen, his Pidgeotto is first seen at level 17, one lower level than Pidgey is supposed to evolve at.