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The next day, Callahan assisted with the cleanup operation, whereupon Risa confronted him after finding out about his lies. The cleanup and confrontation delayed his arrival at the research presentation, which led Toren to do it all by himself. By accident, a video was shown, which revealed that Toren had illegally assisted Callahan during the race and exposed his lies. Afterwards, Mia decided it was best she and Kellie returned home the next day. Callahan was left distraught and went on to throw out his empty [[Poké Ball]].
The following day, Callahan was forced to run from the {{a|Effect Spore}} gas. He bumped into Sudowoodo, who handed Callahan the old Poké Ball. Callahan soon realized that Sudowoodo wanted to be his partner Pokémon, and despite his lying ways Sudowoodo officially joined Callahan's [[team]]. The pair later caught up with [[Mayor Oliver]] and [[Harriet]] at the mayoral office. After seeing how fragile Harriet was and wanting to prove himself to his family, Callahan escorted her on his back to the abandoned power plant. He went on to help push the power plant's starting turbine and later threw the [[Lum Berry]] antidote at the windmill to help clear the air.
He, Toren and Harriet later joined {{OBP|Ash Ketchum|M20|Ash}} and [[Margo]] at the stadium to help put out the fire. After the crises were over, Callahan was relieved to see Kellie and Mia again, and together they attended the Wind Festival's closing ceremony.
|vaen=Bill Rogers
|vajp=Yūji Ueda
|desc={{p|Sudowoodo}} is Callahan's partner Pokémon, which he {{pkmn2|caught}} in [[Fula City]]. Callahan first encountered it during the [[Pokémon Catch Race]], where he saved it from a {{p|Golduck}} that had been chasing after it. Sudowoodo later began to follow Callahan around, ignoring his requests to go away, and it was later caught by Callahan. Sudowoodo later helped solve the crisis in [[Fulathe City]]city by firing an attack that shielded the essence of {{a|Natural Cure}} from falling debris.
Sudowoodo's known moves are {{m|Copycat}}{{tt|*|Incorrectly dubbed as Mimic}} and {{m|Stone Edge}}.<br>