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Someone probably typed the bit about the Heisei period in a hurry; I simply added the word they forgot..
** Fathom Events also held a promotion to issue free tickets for Regal and AMC showings to those who supplied a Pokémon-related teamwork story befitting the theme of the movie via various sites.
* The film grossed $789,170 during its theatrical run in the United States.<ref>[ Box Office Mojo]</ref>
* This is the last Pokémon filmmovie to be released in the {{wp|Heisei period}}.
* This movie holds a score of 60% on review aggregator website {{wp|Rotten Tomatoes}}, making it the first Pokémon movie to receive a "Fresh" rating. The previous record-holder was ''[[M20|I Choose You!]]'', which holds a score of 43%.