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In the anime
{{an|Trevor}} is another Pokémon photographer appearing in the anime. In ''[[XY086|A Legendary Photo Op!]]'', he visited [[Mt. Molteau]] to take a picture of the Legendary Pokémon {{p|Moltres}}, having previously photographed the other two [[Legendary birds]].
In ''[[SM003|Loading the Dex!‎]]'', Ash obtained a [[Rotom Pokédex]], which has a camera function, from [[{{an|Professor Kukui]]}}. Throughout the {{series|Sun & Moon}}, {{Rotom}} is often shown taking pictures of [[wild Pokémon]] performing activities described in Pokédex entries. It also likes to capture important moments of Ash's {{pkmn|journey}}, such as Ash receiving a [[Z-Crystal]].
In ''[[SM105|Showdown on Poni Island!]]'', {{an|Lillie}} started taking pictures of the Pokémon at [[Poni Island]] while exploring.
==In the manga==