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==={{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}===
[[File:Pibu Egg.png|thumb|200px|left|Pibu's Egg]]
Pibu was created in ''[[PS160|Playful Porygon2]]'' when his parents, {{adv|Red}}'s [[Pika]] and {{adv|Yellow}}'s [[Chuchu]], were left in the [[Pokémon Day Care|Day Care]] after Yellow had stopped there after a run-in with {{advDL|Tower duo (Adventures)|Lugia}}. The Day Care was [[PS173|later]] attacked by [[Masked Man]]'s mind controlled forces so that he could obtain the [[Silver Wing|Silver]] and [[Rainbow Wing]]s and create the [[GS Ball]]. To protect their unborn child, Pika and Chuchu escaped to the [[Ilex Forest]], only to be immediately captured by [[Pryce]]. Pryce used the two as hostages so that {{adv|Gold}} would be forced to surrender and stop chasing after him.
After Gold gave up, Pryce tossed the {{p|Pikachu}} and the [[Egg]] away since he no longer had a use for them. Gold managed to catch the three before they fell and was left at the mercy of Pryce's attacks. After Pryce left, Gold learned from {{adv|Professor Oak}} that he had a special talent in hatching Pokémon Eggs. Just then, the Egg hatched into a Pichu, a Pokémon no one had seen before. Together, Gold and Pichu followed Pryce into the Crack in Time to stop his evil plans. Although they fought hard, Pryce managed to defeat Gold and Pichu by freezing them in the time stream, which had the effect of trapping them in a thin sheet of ice. After being rescued by their friends, Gold and Pichu jumped into the Ilex Forest shrine once again to stop Pryce from using {{adv|Celebi}} to go back in time. With electricity absorbed from {{DL|Legendary beasts (Adventures)|Raikou}}, Pichu destroyed the GS Ball and freed Celebi with an attack Gold dubbed "{{m|Volt Tackle|Super Rising Thunder}}". With Pryce defeated, Pichu, Gold, and their friends were safely returned to the real world. There, Pichu was reunited with his parents and given the nickname "Pibu" by Yellow.