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Moves known at an early level: added an error documented on another article that wasn't recorded here
====Moves known at an early level====
Due to the [[Move Reminder]] being able to teach moves the Pokémon would learn at higher levels in [[Generation VII]], all moves can be taught at any levelslevel in [[Generation VII]].
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! class="unsortable" | Artwork
| <!--[[File:Norman Linoone L29 Slash E.png|center]]-->
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|[[File:464Rhyperior.png|96px|link=Rhyperior (Pokémon)]]
| [[Bertha]]'s {{p|Rhyperior}}
| {{m|Rock Wrecker}}
| data-sort-value=GEN4.2 | {{game|Platinum}}
| During the initial battle, Bertha's Rhyperior knows Rock Wrecker at level 55, although Rhyperior doesn't learn this move until level 61. {{p|Rhyhorn}} cannot learn this move, which means it cannot know it at a lower level due to breeding.
Due to Rhyperior learning Rock Wrecker at level 1 in {{g|X and Y}}, Rhyperior can know Rock Wrecker at level 55 in [[Generation VI]] onward.
| <!--[[File:Bertha Rhyperior L55 Rock Wrecker Pt.png|center]]-->
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|[[File:509Purrloin.png|96px|link=Purrloin (Pokémon)]]